Page 25 - 2022 June/July Newsletter
P. 25

Page 25                                                               Southern Pennsylvania District

                                          God Calls Ordinary People

            Greetings Sisters and Brothers:

                   The Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center (SVMC) continues our
            Calling Essay series throughout 2022.

                  Throughout this year, various persons will share their call stories and
           unique   perspective on our theme God Calls Ordinary People. May you be
           encouraged by the monthly reflections and share the reflections with others in
           your congregation.

                   Our denomination needs people who are answering the call to ministry both
            as credentialed ministers and laity volunteers.

                  We encourage you to think of others in whom you see the gifts from ministry. Who
           can you encourage? Many ministers answered their call to ministry due to the
           encouragement of others naming gifts that were seen in them.

                   Or are you feeling a calling to ministry or a change in your ministry? Your district
            office or the SVMC office are always sources of information on ministry credentialing or
            ministry education.

                                                         Robert Stein contributes this current issue -- May 2022
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