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Page 21                                                               Southern Pennsylvania District

                                                           National Youth Conference

                                                                 2022 Information

                                            National Youth Conference 2022 (NYC 2022) will focus on
                                            Colossians 2: 5-7 (NRSV) and the theme “Foundational.”
                                            The event will be held July 23-28, 2022; the registration fee,
                                            which includes food, lodging, and programming, will be
                                            $550. Youth who have completed ninth grade through one
                                            year of college at the time of NYC (or are age equivalent)
                                            and their advisors will gather at Colorado State University in
                                            Fort Collins, Colorado. Online registration will begin in early
                                            The 2021-2022 National Youth Cabinet met virtually in the
                                            winter of 2021 to select the theme. The Cabinet discussed
                                            theme ideas relevant to senior high youth, ultimately select-
                                            ing “Foundational.” The theme scripture from
                                            Colossians 2: 5-7 reads, “For though I am absent in body, yet
                                            I am with you in spirit, and I rejoice to see your morale and
                                            the firmness of your faith in Christ. As you therefore have re-
                                            ceived Christ Jesus the Lord, continue to live your lives in
                                            him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith,
                                            just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.”

                                            “Throughout the Bible, God is revealed as a foundation for
                                            our lives in many ways. Some examples of this are the cor-
                                            nerstone, the way God can be seen as an anchor for our lives,
                                            and how we remain rooted in God in all circumstances,”
                                            wrote Erika Clary, 2022 NYC Coordinator.
                                            Members of the National Youth Cabinet include Ben Tatum
                                            (Virlina), Bella Torres (Atlantic Northeast),

                                            Elise Gage (Mid-Atlantic), Geo Romero (Illinois/Wisconsin),
                                            Hayley Daubert (Shenandoah), and Luke Schweitzer
                                            (Southern Ohio/Kentucky). Advisors to the cabinet include
                                            Kayla Alphonse (Atlantic Southeast) and Jason Haldeman
                                            (Atlantic Northeast). The Cabinet is led by Erika Clary and
                                            accompanied by Becky Ullom Naugle, Director of Youth and
                                            Young Adult Ministries.
                                            Watch for NYC 2022 updates at
                                            and on social media (Facebook: National Youth Conference;
                                            Instagram: @cobnyc2022).
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