Page 21 - 2023 March-April Newsletter
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Bible knowledge, and just as importantly, serving as a wonderful example for the others. One
         of the key teachings we are emphasizing in the Great Lakes Bible School is servant leadership.
         While a pastor is indeed a leader of people, he is also a servant. I suppose that most would rec-
         ognize the importance of a pastor’s submission to the Master Jesus Christ. But all too often,
         leaders are subsequently expecting their church members to be in submission to them, rather
         than leading with the understanding that we all are in submission to each other (Ephesians
         5:21). Another important feature of GLBS is the mix of students and faculty. Age, education
         and experience range across the spectrum. At 66, I’m the oldest one. Our view is that the older
         ones will mentor the younger and that the younger bring energy and vitality. It has been heart-
         warming to watch the interactions among the students. The mentoring is quite obviously taking
         place, but the energy is also apparent, not only from the younger to the elder, but a mutual
         iron-sharpening-iron. Even though pastors like Claver are the seasoned ones, there is no atti-
         tude of superiority. This past Sunday, Theoneste (principal/head teacher) and I, along with our
         two Burundian students made the road trip to Gasiza for morning worship. We arrived at 9 as
         the folks were just gathering. The music started promptly, with lots of dancing to accompany
         the singing. The four choirs took turns leading the congregation as the pastor intermittently
         spoke and read from the Scriptures. The guest preacher (me) shared for a half hour or so. After
         a closing song and prayer, the service concluded shortly before noon. As the congregation dis-
         persed, we stayed behind with the pastor and deacons. A feast was spread before us of beef, po-
         tatoes, rice, beans and Fanta. I noticed that neither the pastor nor his wife were eating. They
         were both busy ensuring that everyone else was taken care of. Finally, when all were served,
         they sat down to eat their own meal. I pointed this out to Theoneste. He said, “You’re right -
         they are servant leaders.” It is my prayer that all of our church leaders here in the Africa Great
         Lakes region will learn by their example. For the Master, Chris Elliott with the Church of the
         Brethren in the Africa Great Lakes.
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