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                                      Camp Eder Maintenance Capital Campaign

               Camp Eder has undergone many improvements over the past few years. God has
               proven himself faithful in supplying building and monetary donations and quali-
               fied volunteers.

                    As of January 2022- $27,089.33, has been received towards the campaign.
                              The following projects have been completed or will be completed

                                                           this year:

                 Schwarzenau and the Maintenance Shop roofs were installed in November
                 The Water Treatment Plant Roof was installed December 20
                 The AC/ heat pump units for tree of peace are ordered and will be installed in February

                 We have the materials for the Zeigler bath house roof waiting until spring to install

                              The only projects on the list that are still waiting for funding are:
                Pool House Roof: $7,000.00

               *This is the next project we will be shooting to complete*
                      The roof is soft and leaks.  This is a heavily used building during camp, as both swimmers
               and residents of Mack cabins and even wagon units use this bath house for restrooms, shower-
               ing and changing.  The laundry room for summer staff is also located here, as well as expensive

               water heaters, furnaces, pool pumps, and pool supplies.

               Geigley Lodge new heating and cooling system: $24,000.00
                      Installing a new heating/cooling system will cut down on humidity, preserve the integrity
               of dry goods in the kitchen, and improve the noise level by replacing the current hearing boxes.
               It will not affect the beautiful exposed wooden beams nor cathedral ceilings.

                      If you would be able to help us achieve our goals?  All funding will be applied to specific
               projects.  Projects will begin in order of completed funding.

                                                              Camp Eder

                                                          914 Mt. Hope Rd.
                                                          Fairfield, PA  17320
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