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              New Video from Cross Keys Village

              Back in the fall of 2019, the Executive Team at Cross Keys Village-The Brethren Home
              Community gave a comprehensive presentation to the Board of Directors. The presentation’s
              subject was the connection between the activities and programs of the village and the core
              values of the Church of the Brethren. We must have talked for almost two hours, with the
              content divided between two consecutive board meetings.

              More recently, our Board Chair and Vice Chair reminded us of that presentation and suggest-
              ed we adapt it to a different format, one that would be easier to share with congregations.
              “Maybe a video would be best. Oh… and make it 4 minutes maximum.”

              Boiling down the information was an interesting challenge. As if we were making apple but-
              ter, we started with few ingredients, and we watched them closely. Each word of the narra-
              tion was carefully weighed. Drone footage from our Maintenance Department came in handy
              to divide the sections. Crucially, we selected the slow movement from Mozart’s Clarinet
              Quintet to add the right pace and emotion to the finished project.

              We are happy to share this short video with the readers of the SOPA District Newsletter. You
              may access it at the following link:

              Vanessa Berger – Vice President of Advancement

              Oliver Hazan – Vice President of Sales and Marketing Cross Keys Village-

              The Brethren Home Community
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