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6)  When you want to take an action governing the conduct of business, you
                                          may introduce:

                              Privileged and incidental motions – motions that take precedence over any pending
                              question although not related to that question (not debatable).
                                     1)  Move to adjourn or recess.
                                            a.  Object: To dismiss a meeting or to provide or an intermission.
                                            b.  Form: “I move that we adjourn (recess while … or until …).”
                                     2)  Raise a question of privilege.
                                            a.  Object: To get the attention of the Moderator at once, to ask a
                                                question, or to attend to some matter that cannot wait.
                                            b.  Form: “I rise to a question of privilege.”
                                     3)  Rise to a point of order.
                                            a.  Object: To raise the question as to whether there has been a breach
                                                of order.
                                            b.  Form: “I rise to a point or order …”

                                                Rules of the Meeting

                   1)  All questions, with their answers, for discussion shall be read by the Clerk, after which the
                       Moderator shall declare same the business of the meeting.

                   2)  No one shall speak more than twice on the same question. The first speech shall be limited to
                       three minutes and the second speech to two minutes.

                   3)  The Moderator shall decide when a question shall be put to passage, but anyone from the
                       voting body may move the “previous question.”

                   4)  All appeals from the ruling of the Moderator shall be decided by the voting body.

                   5)  The Worshipful Work process will be interspersed with parliamentary Procedures as we process
                       the various business items and ministry shared during this District Conference.

                   6)  The ballot is prepared by the Nominating & Personnel Committee and is submitted to the
                       District Board for approval after which it becomes the ballot of the District Conference. All
                       elections by the District Conference shall be by majority vote.

                   7)  All queries and business for the District Conference must come through the District Board.

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