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Purpose of the Council

Since the early 1970s, District Staff have combined their efforts through the Council of District Executives for purposes of social interaction, professional growth, and mutual support. The purposes of the Council (from its Covenants of Mutuality) is as follows:

Committed to the goal of a more effective witness among and by those in executive positions in the districts we covenant together through this organization to:

  1. establish and maintain collegiality and mutual accountability;
  2. provide a forum for the exchange of personal and professional goals, insights and concerns;
  3. facilitate and encourage collaboration in the most effective use of human and material resources available through the congregations, the districts, and the national church;
  4. strengthen communication between the respective structures of the church;
  5. develop and maintain professional standards and expectations in order to enhance the services of the district executive leadership in the denomination;
  6. live according to the "Covenant of Mutual Accountability" and "Professional Standards and Expectations" of district executive staff.

The 2001 Annual Conference took action to "recognize the Council of District Executives as an organization within the denomination, where Annual Conference agencies share information, participate in mutual ministry discussion, and explore the various voices of district and agency life, leadership, and ministries."