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We are a membership driven, unofficial web site of the Church of the Brethren, a Protestant denomination with churches in most states and a few other countries. COB-NET is the first national Brethren web site. We responded to a trickle of online members back in the middle 1990s when most churches were not even thinking of web sites, and only a few Brethren had discovered list servers and newsgroups.

Here you can learn about all Brethren Groups which trace themselves to the original founding body that organized at Schwarzenau, Germany, in 1708. Locate Brethren web sites through our Web Directory which includes districts, congregations, agencies, blogs, and personal homepages. If you have a high resolution monitor, try our Web Tree, a hierarchical linkable index that permits you to view most of our documents while still being able to view the linkable index. Our access logs show that Most Popular is where people regularly visit. Also use our Site Map and Search to locate your area of interest.

Visit with confidence, knowing that we guarantee wholesome information for the entire family, specifically having children in mind. COB-NET has been fully accredited with Family Friendly and rated highly by SafeSurf which are content monitoring organizations. Great care is employed in our continuous development and interpretation of the Brethren cultural experience. Every morning we raise the bar of excellence to guarantee a safe and wholesome experience as you journey through our many resources.

Thanks for stopping by and please come again whenever it is convenient. Founder and web administrator Ron Gordon is a member of the Bunkertown Church of the Brethren in the Pennsylvania Southern District. If you have photos or videos of Brethren activities for display above, please Contact Ron.

We really appreciate your support of this ministry. Most people have no idea of the time, effort, and research that is necessary to maintain a web site of this nature.


Our Brethren Web Directory is not only the first but also the most comprehensive online alphabetic list of Brethren links of any Brethren web site. Here you can find Districts, Congregations, Agencies, Camps, Blogs, Colleges, Personals, and YouTubes.

Locating a church or district is easy with our color-coded map, or table of text links. Click on the geographical area of interest and you will quickly arrive at the district homepage.

Playing biblically oriented games, puzzles, and quizzes is not only fun, but a nice way to learn more about the Bible. Our jigsaw puzzles are downloadable for offline enjoyment.

Once a year the Church of the Brethren meets for business and worship. Learn about us by seeing what we do. Our historical record of AC is the most complete of any Brethen web site.

God performed a tremendous work of grace in the ministry of Jesus Christ who came from heaven to die for our sins. Learn about this plan from the numerous scriptures that detail its majesty from various biblical authors.

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