Who Are The Folks At SHILOH

Road Sign

Becky Teaching Adults in the Sanctuary

Fellowship Hall

Myranda Teaching Youth

Lu Anne Teaching Children

Debby with a Children's Story

Charlene Teaching Children
A rural setting at the western base of Laurel Mountain is home for the Shiloh Congregation. 1845 is the accepted date for the formal founding of Shiloh; however there are records of preachings, baptisms and gatherings several years previous.

Throughout the earlier days of our history, the congregation was led by plural free ministry. 1977 brought an end to the free ride, and the first part-time salaried minister was contracted. That arrangement exists to this day.

Today, the congregation has a newly rebuilt church comprised of members from all walks of life. Several that moved to the cities for their life's vocation, have retired and come back home. We take pride in our mountain heritage. Our sanctuary will accommodate 120; however our active congregation numbers about 45.

As the people of the rest of the world generally believe that we of the Alleghenies are a rather slow lot, we pay it no mind. Our community is one others dream of and wish they could be a part of. John Denver sang a song about "Almost Heaven West Virginia." As Walter Brennan's line on The Real McCoys went, "Ain't brag, just fact!"

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