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Our Vision

The Shiloh Church of the Brethren is a group of Christians who are defined not so much by theology of doctrine as by their search for a way to live out simply what we already understand of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In today's world most Christians seem to be searching for the perfect words to describe their faith, when what the world needs now is simply the expression of that faith in the actions of everyday life.

The Church of the Brethren as a denomination, and the Shiloh Church as a congregation, seek to put "feet" on our faith. When we pray about someone's need, we try to find some way in which we can participate in God's meeting of that need. We just don't tell God what we want Him to do--we volunteer our time, our talent, and even our resources to see that need fulfilled. We believe that prayer unleashes God's power to help and to touch our lives with His love, but we believe that prayer is most effective when we are open to God's use of our own involvement in the life of each one we pray for.

The SHILOH CHURCH of the BRETHREN is a dedicated group of simple, everyday Christians who would welcome you into our fellowship if you, like us, seek to continue the work of Jesus.


We are a "Peace Church". Along with the Quakers and Mennonites, we are Christians seeking to be peacemakers. We teach peace to our children, seek peace in our community, and through our denomination maintain a World Peace Academy to help teach God's peace to all who will listen.


We value simple living and distrust the materialism so prevalent in modern society. We believe that Christianity is a religion of simple values, simple joys, and simple truths.


Our Mission Statement of the Shiloh Church of the Brethren is dedicated to bringing people into relationship with Jesus Christ, developing a faith that is based on God's Love, and living out that faith as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

If this sounds like the kind of church you've been searching for, we invite you to join us.

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