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Who Are We

As a Denomination

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The Church of the Brethren was founded in Schwarzenau, Germany, in 1708 by Alexander Mack. Rooted in pietism and Anabaptism, the Brethren migrated to America and established their first congregation in Germantown, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia in 1723. The Church of the Brethren grew out of prayer and Bible study and committed itself to the New Testament as its rule of faith and practice. Brethren are serious about Godís Word and Jesus, living in accordance with His teachings and example. There is a strong sense of covenantal community with an emphasis in family and fellowship. The church also has a longstanding commitment to peace and social justice and maintains mission projects throughout the world.

Continuing the work of Jesus. Simply. Peacefully. Together.

As a Church

In 1860 the Chestnut Grove German Baptist Church was organized near Oak Hill, WV. In 1899 a second meeting house was constructed at Pleasant View. Since that time, Pleasant View Church of the Brethren has continued to be a light on a hill to the Fayetteville community. Each member is encouraged to grow in their knowledge, their service and their faith by participating in the many opportunities offered.

Gathering to Worship; Departing to Serve.