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Driving up to Fraternity Church of the Brethren, you will notice our location; sitting on a hill overlooking a busy five lane Stratford Road with a rural backdrop of trees and fields. Inside, you will find people of varied ages, occupations, and ideas who together genuinely seek to practice what Jesus taught.

As a community of seekers and disciples, we support and encourage each other in a simple, day-to-day way: studying the Bible, gathering for worship, sharing meals, enjoying companionship. Fraternity offers you a place to belong, to grow, and to put your faith into action. We would like to have you join us.

Worship Services

Please join us for worship at 10 AM each Sunday morning.

Mission Statement

"We aspire to be a Christ centered church, focused on building relationships, actively living out our faith in God."

Fraternity ...

Historical Marker

... Church of the Brethren grew out of a group of German Baptist “Dunkard” Brethren who migrated to Forsyth County from Pennsylvania and Maryland in the late 1700?s. The first documented baptism took place in August of 1775, and an organized Brethren Fellowship has existed continuously here since then. Elder Jehu Burkhart was the early leader of the small band, followed by son-in-law Isaac Faw, who is generally considered the founder.

The Church of the Brethren denomination was founded in 1708 in Germany under the leadership of Alexander Mack. Because of religious persecution in Europe, members of the sect gradually emigrated to Pennsylvania, where many congregations were founded.

In September of 2015, we celebrated our 240th Anniversary. Thanks be to God who has allowed us to continue spreading His word all these years!

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