Family History
Congregation History

The Brethren Encyclopedia is a natural wealth of history. Genealogists will especially like the 230 individual family histories which also include related family members, dates of birth and death, plus explanations of family relationships and migrations trends. This Brethren “who's who” is invaluable for cross-referencing and reconciling conflicting genealogical sources. It's an old adage of research that genealogy without authentic documentation is mythology. The Brethren Encyclopedia yields a sumptuous feast of accurately compiled facts, that aids competent researchers in separating the real from the presumed and assumed. Historians will enjoy perusing the many congregational histories that include founding personages, dates of construction, various relationships, unique explanations, lists of ministers, and copious notes of trivia relating to all facets of Brethrenism.

Stories untold are stories soon forgotten. Memories grow dim with the passing of years. New people arrive, older saints advance into Glory. How can we remember the real story? The Brethren Encyclopedia preserves many of these Sidebar Tales.


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