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The original 1983 publication of The Brethren Encyclopedia was comprised of a Three Volume set totaling over 2,100 pages. An additional Fourth volume, to update information of the first three, has just been released. The initial inspiration for this project grew out of an On Earth Peace (see footnote) gathering at the Brethren Service Center (New Windsor, MD) in the 1970's. Noted Brethren figure M.R. Zigler was moved to express that the various Brethren bodies (they prefer this label instead of denomination or group) emanating from the original Schwarzenau Brethren had not officially acknowledged one another since their various divisions almost one hundred years before. Zigler then suggested that it would seem appropriate that before On Earth Peace Assembly considers further plans for world peace, that there should first be peacemaking among these fractured Brethren groups. That was the inspiration which started a cooperative process resulting in the publication of The Brethren Encyclopedia in 1983.

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