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EUROPEAN ORIGINS OF THE BRETHEN: A Source Book on the Beginnings of the
Church of the Brethren in the Early Eighteenth Century. Elgin, Illinois,
The Brethren Press, 1958, pp. 296-298.

          Passengers Who Arrived With Alexander Mack in 1729
                          on the ship 'ALLEN'
                    Submitted by Judith Cox Whipple

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                       Arrival in Pennsylvania

  It was not until 1729 that Mack led the Wittgenstein group on the long
and dangerous ocean voyage from the Netherlands to the New World. In 1727
Mack had sold his share of the inheritance from his father-in-law, John 
Valentine Kling (who died in Schriesheim in 1714), while in Surhuisterveen. 
Neither of the two Ann Margaret Macks given on the passenger list of the 
Allen refers to Mack's wife, who died in September 1720, according to the 
entry in Alexander Mack's Bible, now preserved at Bridgewater College, 
Bridgewater, Virginia.

  It is probable that some of those listed were not members of the 
Brethren group, but merely passengers on the same ship.  The names have 
been edited in an attempt to reconstruct more accurate spellings, since the 
lists were written by English clerks who had great difficulty spelling 
German names. Although there is a less complete list with actual signatures,
some of the group were illiterate and their names were also written by 
clerks on this list as well.

                     Arrival of the Allen Recorded

Minutes of the provincial council.

  At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, September 15th, 1729... A List was
presented of the names of Fifty nine Palatines, who with their Families,
making in all about One hundred and twenty six Persons, were imported in 
the Ship Allen, James Craigie, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, 
as by Clearance thence dated 7th of July last. (1)

                        Allen Passengers Listed

A list of passengers imported in the ship Allen from Rotterdam, 
James Craigie, Master, September 11, 1729.

{First Column}
Alexander Mack
John Mack
Valentine Mack
Alexander Mack, Jr.
John Henry Kalckloser
Jacob Kalckoser
Immanuel Kalckloser
Andrew Boni
William Knepper
Esbert Bender
Peter Lesle
John Gunde
Jacob Bossert
Jacob Weiss
Christian Schneider
Jacob Sneider
John Flickinger
Valentine Becker
Jacob Lesle
Christopher Marte
Paul Lipkip
Christopher Kalckloser
Christian Kropf
Andrew Kropf
Jacob Kropf (sick)
Christian Kropf, Jr.
John Slaughter [Schlachter?]
John Pettighofer
John Kipping
John George Koch
John Michael Amweg
John George Kiessel
John Jacob Kiessel (sick)

{Second column}
John Ulrich Oellen
Reinhard Hammer
Samuel Galler
Conrad Oellen
Jahn Caspar Kolb
John Martin Kress
John Jacob Hopback
John Mickendorfer
Christian Kitsenlander
Leonard Amweg
Mathew Schneider
Joseph Bruner
John Bruner (sick)
Mathew Ulland
George Hoffart
John Perger
John Wightman
Philip Michael Fiersler
Valentine Perhart [Bernhard?] Hisle
John George Klauser
Henry Holstein, Germ't.
Valentine Rafer
George Fetter
John Jacob Knecht
Alexander Dihell
Henry Peter Middeldorf
Mathew Bradford  (English)
Nicholas Bayly (English)
David Lesle
Jacob Bossert
Daniel Kropf (sick)

These following are under the age of fifteen.
{First Column}
John Bossert
Christopher Gottlieb Marte
John Henry Bruner

{Second column}
John Ulland
Christian Hoffart

These following are female passengers.
{First column}
Christine Margaret Keissel
Anna Barbara Keissel
Eva Taback [?] Oellen
Susan Hammer
Dorothy Galler
Margaret Oellen
Elisabeth Oellen
Marie Oellen
Anna Phillis [Felicitas?] Kolb
Anna Catherine Kress
Magdalene Hopback
Vernonica Mickendorfer
Anna Barbara Kitsenlander
Magdalene Amweg
Magdalene Schneider
Catherine Elizabeth Bruner
Anna Marie Latrine
Catherine Ulland
Anna Margaret Hoffart
Anna Margaret Hoffart, Jr.
Anna Ursula Perger
Maire Phillis [Felcitas?] Wightman
Marie Catherine Fiersler
Susan Catherine Hisle
Anna Marie Klauser
Marie Magdalene Kamp
Anna Marie Barbara Rafer
Agnes Kalckloser
Joanna Margaret Boni
Veronica Knepper

{Second Column}
Anna Margaret Mack
Catherine Bender
Anna Catherine Lesle
Marie Elizabeth Lesle
Susan Bossert
Marie Elizabeth Bossert
Susan Schneider
Christine Becker
Elizabeth Lesle
Marie Agnes Marte
Christine Lipkip
Marie Kalckloser
Anna Margaret Mack
Phillipine Mack
Rosine Kropg
Catherine Slaughter [Schlachter?]
Anna Elizabeth Pettighofer
Maeta [Martha?] Lina Pettighofer
Gertrud Pettighofewr
Anna Kipping
Sybil Kipping
Anna Catherine Koch
Anna Marie Ackhoden
Christine Lesle
Eva Bossert
Joanna Kipping
Catherine Oellen

	James Craigie [Captain] (2)


1.  Ralph B. Strassburger, "Pennsylvania German Pioneers," (Norristown,
    PA: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934) p. I, 29.
2.  Strassburger, pp. 27, 28.

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Written by Ronald J. Gordon as extended information for other major articles

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