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Historical Notes

PENNSYLVANIA, by The District Committee, New Era Printing Company, 
Lancaster, PA, printed in 1915. The Eastern District appointed a 
committee of five individuals (S.R.Zug, John Herr, G.N.Falkenstein,
J.G.Francis, and D.C.Reber) in 1911 to write the history of the church
in the Eastern District.

                     List of Baptisms performed by
                   Elder Alexander Mack -- 1766-1785
                        Germantown Congregation
                        German Baptist Brethren
                       Supplied by Don Harlacher

The following is a partial list of the baptisms performed by Elder 
Alexander Mack of the Germantown Congregation between 1766-1785. The 
author of the list concludes by stating "I regret very much that I cannot 
present a complete list of his baptisms, but it has been impossible to 
confirm a part of the list. There is no complete record extant."

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1766, May 15
Margretta Hartzbach

1766, October 3
Nathaniel Schrieber

1766, October 17
Henry Schlingluft, Jr.
Catharine Schlingluft
Dorothea Fox

1767, July 12
Charles Lang

1767, August 7
Anna B. Van Lashett
Elizabeth Schlingluff

1767, August 16
Jacob Bauman and Maria Barbara, his wife

1767, October 2
Conrad Good
William Spira
Maria Spira

1768, March 27
Christina Schlungluff, Jr.

1768, Septembet 25
Hannah Stamm

1769, May 14
Sarah Baker

1769, July 27
Christopher Saur, Jr.

1769, September 3
Michael Keyser
Sarah Mack
Susana Baker

1769, October 5
Peter Keyser and Hannah, his wife
Henry Sharpnack and Sarah, his wife
John Schlingluff
Conrad Stamm
Maria Fendt
Elizabeth Raab

1770, September 2
John Weber
William Leibert
Dirock Keyser and Rachel, his wife

1770, September 30
Julius Roberly and Appolonia, his wife

1771, May 19
Thomas Langstoth and Catherine, his wife
Hannah Mack
Hannah Stier

1771, September 8
John Kaempfer

1771, November 10
Rudolph Harley and Barbara, his wife
John Harley and Margaretta, his wife
Ulrich Stouffer and Hannah, his wife

1772, April 19
Michael Corbit
Garehart Clemens and Gertrude, his wife
Jacob Landis and Maria, his wife

1773, January 4
John Prisz

1773, January 20
Phillipina Vernon

1774, March 27
Edmund Langstroth

1774, May 12
Edward Bright and Elizabeth, his wife
Elizabeth Painter
Ruth Silence

1774, July 3
Cornelius Neisz
William Heisler
David Meredith
Jacob Raab
George Duke 
John Leibert
Anna Leibert
Susanna Hinckle
Hannah Knorr
Lydia Keyser
Catherine Bauman

1774, October 16
William Prisz
Susanna Knorr

"Here occurs a break in the records for the period of nine years."

1783, October 20
Susanna Weaver, John Weaver's wife
Catherine Keyser, Michael Keyser's wife

1785, March 6
Emanuel Fox and his wife, Margarett
Jacob Zigler
Lydia Kulp

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