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Historical Notes

A History of the German Baptist Brethren - Martin Grove Brumbaugh
Brethren Publishing House, Mount Morris, Illinois, 1899, reprinted 1961.

                    List of Individuals Baptised by 
               Elder Christian Longenecker -- 1769-1799
                        Conestoga Congregation
                       German Baptist Brethren
                             Pages 307-309
                      Submitted by Don Harlacher

The following is a list of individuals baptised by Elder Christian
Longenecker (unless indicated otherwise) of the Conestoga Congregation 
located in Lancaster County, PA. between 1769-1799. The date of the 
baptism is reflected at the top of each list of names. An asterisk next 
to a name means that additional information on that individual is 
provided in Brumbaugh's book (pages 307-309).

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Philip Schumacher
Isaac Eshelman
Christian Zug

June 3, 1770
Elizabeth Eby
Anna Longenecker

June 12, 1774
Philip Garber and his wife, Maria
Christian Kaber and wife
Christina Haber
Elizabeth Huber

July 24, 1774
Martin Hauck
Veronica Gieb

April 9, 1776
Hannis Fretz
Hannis Hirschy
Hannis Eby
Catharine Hirschy

May 17, 1776
Magdalena Fretz
Elizabeth Eshelman
Susanna Longenecker

September 24, 1777
Johannes Gibbel
Henry Gibbel
Michael Huber and wife Elizabeth
Elizabeth Gibbel
Elizabeth Gibbel the younger
Regina Eby
Barbara Huber

November 1, 1777
Jacob Gibbel and wife, Elizabeth
Christian Royer and wife, Anna

November 7, 1779
Christian Krebi and wife, Elizabeth

June 11, 1780
Anna Groff

August 3, 1780
Jacob Scheidler

November 8, 1780
Susanna Diel
Maria Merky

March 18, 1781
Abraham Becker

May 26, 1781
Susanna Scheidler
Susanna Becker

September 23, 1781
Margareta Schold
Elizabeth Flory

October 19, 1781
Veronica Reiser

November 4, 1781
Catharine Reiser

October 20, 1782
Christian Diel
Peter Meyer

June 13, 1783
George Stohler, Jr.

October 4, 1783
Christian Martin
Hannes Baeker
Jacob Eshelman and wife
Hannis Frautz's daughter

October 24, 1784
John Kochenderfer

August 21, 1787
Barbara Kinsy

May 13, 1789
Elizabeth Herr

May 3, 1790
Daniel Hollinger

August 21, 1791
John Eby and his wife, Esther

October 23, 1791
Peter Hamacher

May 12, 1793
Hannis Groff and his wife, Elizabeth

Barbara Hollinger

Christian Herr

September 14, 1797
Daniel Schumacher and his wife, Magdalena

May 13, 1799
Joseph Hirsch and his wife
_______ Krebiel and wife
Elizabeth Ely
(These five were baptized by Jacob Donner, the poet preacher)

Later in the year were added
David Eshelman and his wife, Barbara

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