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Historical Notes

A History of the German Baptist Brethren - Martin Grove Brumbaugh
Brethren Publishing House, Mount Morris, Illinois, 1899, reprinted 1961.

                    List of Individuals Baptised by 
                   Elder Michael Pfautz -- 1748-1769
                        Conestoga Congregation
                       German Baptist Brethren
                             Pages 310-311
                      Submitted by Don Harlacher

The following is a list of individuals baptised by Elder Michael Pfautz
(unless noted otherwise) of the Conestoga Congregation located in
Lancaster County, PA. between 1748-1769. The date of the baptism is 
reflected at the top of each list of names. An asterisk next to a name 
means that additional information on that individual is provided in 
Brumbaugh's book (pages 310-311).

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March 6, 1748
Ulrich Schiebly and wife
Henry Giebel* and wife, Christina
Hans Wendel Renner
Hans Leonhardt Renner
Maria Renner

April 24, 1748
Adam Dick and wife, Odilga
Mannus Bruch
Michael Frantz*
Hannes Frantz
Henry Neff and wife
Jacob Stoll
Anna Schaffner
Elizabeth Hafelfinger
Anna Hafelfinger

May 1, 1748
Jacob Flory
Maria Conrad

June 12, 1748
Jacob Schart
Andreas Rothrock
Abraham Lasche
Hannes Lasche
Anna Landis
Elizabeth Landis
Magdalen Zug
Sophia Hocker
Catharine Frantz
Anna Gut
Sister Lasche

August 7, 1748
Hannes Stump and wife, Elizabeth
Frederick Mayer*
Magdalen Scharf
Magdalen Weiland
Catharine Becker

August 14, 1748 (Individuals on this date were baptised by George 
Adam Martin)
George Adam Frantz
Margaret Stump
Anna Longenecker
Catharine Lietold

September 4, 1748
Anna Jouner
Froniga Hafelfinger

October 16, 1748
Valentine Lang
Simon Stucky
Barbara Kuster
Sister Maritis Benedict

October 23, 1748
Henry Sunderburg
Hannes Liedy and wife
Ottolia Waglys
Catherine Sutler
Anna Waglys (Vogel[?])

July 30, 1749
Andrew Birschinger
Philip Romer
Daniel Bolinger

August 6, 1749
Hannes Zug
Jonas Jonner
Jacob Alewein

August 21, 1749
Margaret Alewein
Barbara Eby

April 15, 1750
Henry Duma
Esther Nagele
Froniga Straunan
Magdalena Bolinger
Froniga Graff
Barbara Lichty
Catharine Waglis
Jacob Lichty*

June 17, 1750
Jacob Weiss
Barbara Meyer
Barbara Fagt

July 18, 1750
Hannes Liedy

August 12, 1750
Jacob Dester

October 28, 1750
Barbara Zaller

November 11, 1750
Jacob Haller

June 12, 1751
Henry Mohler*

July 28, 1751
Michael Grausz

December 8, 1751
Jacob Spickler and wife, Maria
Barbara Lieg
wife of Henry Mohler

March 29, 1752
Cuntze-Schmnitte and wife
Margaret Geib
Daniel Seiler*
May 3, 1752
Jacob Wolf
Peter Eichenberg
David Marckly and wife
Barbara Marckly

June 28, 1752
Eberhart Buchly
Michael Zug
Maria Buchly
Eva Grau

September 24, 1752
Maria Wider 
Joanna Seiler

October 2, 1752
Peter Klein
Barbara Weiss
Sister Wolf (former Ephrataite who was received without baptism)

May 20, 1753
George Miller

June 11, 1753
Hannes Bergelbach and wife
Rudy Fund
Margaret Geib the younger

August 12, 1753
Catharine Hartmann

August 26, 1753
Christian Stauffer and wife
George Eder and wife
Joanna Fait and a sister named Elizabeth ((unclear if this Joanna Fait's
sister or another woman named Elizabeth))

April 14, 1754
Peter Wampler
Henry Eler and wife
Christian Longenecker (became elder in 1769)
Hannes Lehman
Jacob Hornly
Hannes Ackerman
Barbara Flory
Barbara Wampler who "was killed under a tree"

October 20, 1754
Hannes Graff

July 16, 1755
Henry Elder
old sisters Wampler and Ackerman

August 3, 1755
Brother Peter Babel "was killed under a wagon"
((believe this was the recording of an event vice date of baptism and death
on same day))

September 7, 1755
Johannes Frick
Christian Frantz
Leonhart Seabold and wife
Elizabeth Basher

September 21, 1755
Margaret Beam
Margaret Landis
Michael Ha11
Johannis Beck
Magdalena Boyer
Susanna Bauman
Sister Mosser

((there are no records of any baptisms between 1755 and 1763; Brumbaugh
states "...the congregation did not flourish")

Wendel Maing and wife, Gertrude
Hannes Badher and wife
Jacob Zug and wife
Mary Eliza
Abraham Frantz and wife
Sister Hamacher and her daughters, Maria and Eva
Anna Longenecker, wife of Peter
Brother_____________Bahlsboch (Balsbaugh) and his wife
Michael Hall*
Hannes Bock*
Madeline Baer*
Susanna Bauman*
Sister Mosser*
*((these names are identical to or similar to the last five names under
September 21, 1755, and are probably repeats))

Philip Schnell (Snell)
Hannis Longenecker, Jr. (on October 28)

August 11, 1765
Abraham Rudy
Sister Bossert's daughter
Barbara Miller

October 31, 1765
Maria Eby

August 24, 1766
Brother Gingel
Jacob Miller
Heinrich Steiner and wife
George Hennerich and wife
Peter Borsch and wife

September 7, 1766
Hannis Hackman
Jonas Schliesser

October 12, 1766
Peter Royer and wife

October 26, 1766
Jacob Zent and his wife, Margaret

August 16, 1767
Jacob Landis and his wife, Susan
Jacob Haller (who died at the age of fifty-nine)

September 13, 1767
Christopher Royer and wife
Hannis Meyer
Andreas Eby
Barbara Eby, the younger

October 11, 1767
Jeremias Wolf, Jr.
Martin Meyer
Daniel Roger
Christian Haasz (who, the record states, "killed himself")
Barbara Keller
Catharine Royer

May 15, 1768
Jacob Hirschy and wife
Jacob Miller's wife
Jeremias Wolf's wife
Andreas Eby's wife

June 26, 1768
Henry Longenecker and his wife Christina

Christian Longenecker was ordained elder
Elder Pfautz died May 14

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