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Historical Notes

A History of the German Baptist Brethren - Martin Grove Brumbaugh
Brethren Publishing House, Mount Morris, Illinois, 1899, reprinted 1961.

                      List of the members of the
                    Germantown Congregation - 1770
                       German Baptist Brethren
                             Pages 189-190
                      Submitted by Don Harlacher

In 1770 there were about thirty families connected with the Germantown
Congregation. The names of fifty-seven persons then baptised and in the
fellowship are as follows: 

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Alexander Mack with his wife and daughter
Christopher Sower with his wife and son
Margaret Boyer, deaconess
George Schriber and wife
Henry Slingluff and two daughters
Philip Weaver and wife
John Slingluff and wife
Henry Slingluff
Anthony Snyder and wife
Richard Roob
Michael Keyser
Peter Keyser and wife
Jacob Bowman and wife
Justus Fox and wife
John Klime
Conrad Good
Conrad Stamm and wife
Hannah Stamm
I. Becker
Mary Baker
Sarah Baker
Susannah Baker
Eve Fifth
Elizabeth Boyer
Mary Bossert
Margaret Herszback
Magdalen Mellinger
Elizabeth Roob
Christian de Lashet and wife
William Spyra and wife
Nathaniel Shryber
Katherine Shryber
Henry Sharpneck and wife
Mary Nyse
Rudolph Harly and wife
Mary Fend
Sybelia Ent

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