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Van Pak (Wife) Testimonial

Ven Pak Studebaker (Pakdy)
April 29, 1971

Dear Friends:

It is a hard time for me to express my feelings. I think most of you already know how I feel about Ted's death, but perhaps some of you don't know how much my life was changed since I have known him, especially how he helped me understand more about true love and peace. His simple and humble way of living taught me these things. He expressed his beliefs daily through his work and contacts with others.

Since my life with him was so short, I still don't feel I completely understand all that he did, but I think I can continue to learn from his influence and memory and from some of you.

His death was a result of a conflict caused by hate, although he had demonstrated his own opposition to war. His belief that love is stronger than hate was evident in the way he died. He was truly a man of peace.

I'm sure all of you share my grief over his death, but I hope you will grieve more for those who do not understand what he did.

I deeply appreciate the sympathy and comfort that you have all given me. I feel especially blessed that Ted and I have such good friends. I believe this is an expression of real Christian love. I hope I will be able to perpetuate Ted's ideas with my life and I want to thank you all for helping give me strength in this difficult time.

Ven Pak Studebaker

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