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General Board Redesign Steering Committee


by Christopher Bowman
(General Board Chairperson during Redesign)

Date: Tue, 8 October 1996 02:17:49

To get a picture of the Redesign process of the General Board, a quick 
look at the trackage over the past year and a half might be helpful.

Church of the Brethren General Board Redesign
Chronology of Events:

* March 1995
     ...Vision Discernment Team Appointed
     ... Goals and Budget Process and Timeline Committee formed

* Vision Team solicited input from 200 congregations

* June 1995
     ... Vision Statement received and adopted by General Board
     ... Redesign process and timeline received and adopted by General

* August 1995 ...  Redesign Steering Committee (RSC) called by the board

* October 1995 ... RSC members confirmed and consultant contracted

* RSC solicited input from staff and with the help of the Council of

Executives Executive Committee, established an ad hoc committee of board
members, staff, 100+ pastors, and 100+ lay members in a continuous
communication loop.

* January 1996 ... RSC and consultant joined Staff Consultation (including
district executives and national staff) in conversation about redesign

* March 1996 ... General Board received and adopted RSC?s "statement of
core functions"

* June 1996
     ... General Board received and approved for discussion three options
for staff deployment and 14 cross-option recommendations
     ... General Board called Transition Team

* July-October 1996 ... RSC members travel to all 23 districts for dialogue
about redesign

* October 1996 (projected)
     ... General Board acts on deployment
     ... General Board acts on cross-option recommendations
     ... General Board acts to balance budget for 1997
     ... RSC?s location subcommittee releases initial report

* March 1996 (projected)  ... General Board acts on recommendations for

* July 1997 (projected)  ... Annual Conference asked to approve polity
changes necessary for redesign

* January 1998 (projected) ... New organizational structure set in place