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Statements On Kosovo

Church of the Brethren General Board
1451 Dundee Avenue  Elgin, Illinois 60120-1694

April 5, 1999

President Bill Clinton
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President,

The whole world looks with horror at the events unfolding in the Balkans,
as warplanes fill the skies and ethnic cleansing is carried out on the 
ground below. In the midst of this terrible situation, I am led by the 
teachings of the bible, by the traditions of our church, and by the stark
reality that violence only begets violence, to call on you to stop the 
bombing of Yugoslavia.

The intentions of the United States and its allies may have been noble in 
seeking to protect the rights of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. However, in 
allowing for only two options--to condone ethnic cleansing or to seek a 
military solution--we have created a no-win situation where ultimately the 
very people we have sought to protect are being further endangered.

Along with a cessation of the bombing, what is needed now is a return of 
international peace monitors coupled with OSCE or United Nations'-led 
negotiations between the Yugoslavian government and the Kosovo Albanians. 
We must also support voices for peace within Yugoslavia, while holding 
leaders from every quarter responsible for crimes against humanity, and in 
particular the crimes of the Milosevic regime against the people of Kosovo.

The world desperately needs new and creative approaches to situations like 
this, which will doubtless continue to be a part of our world as we enter 
the next millennium. The United States can take the lead in helping fashion 
these new responses to the age-old problems of the human family.

Our denomination will be in prayer for the victims of the conflict and for 
the leaders of the nations involved. We have also begun to provide 
humanitarian assistance for those displaced by the conflict.

May God grant you the strength and vision to act for peace in this 
troubling situation.


Judy Mills Reimer
Executive Director

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