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  Yoder, C. F.  God’s Means of Grace, Reprint of BMH Books, Winona Lake, IN, ©

                   Numerous Bible search/study programs are available both for use on a personal
                   computer, tablet, or phone as well as for use directly on line.  Those for use on
                   personal hardware usually have a basic program which allows searching the KJV
                   text and include several public domain commentaries, dictionaries, etc.  Other
                   modules with additional commentaries, dictionaries, and study materials are
                   generally available for purchase.  These programs range in cost from under $100 to
                   nearly $1,000 depending upon the additional modules purchased.  Some of the
                   more well-known programs include Logos, Quick Verse, Bible Soft PC, and Bible
                   Works.  And the list of available programs grows almost daily as technology
                   continues change so rapidly.

                   One program worthy of particular consideration is e-Sword.  The basic program is
                   free and is available for downloading at  The Bible version
                   which comes with the program is the KJV but other translations are readily available,
                   some for free and some for a small fee.  Once the basic module is installed
                   additional, high quality resources are available for free at
          and at
                   Clicking on the Downloads tab within the e-Sword program will also provide access
                   to many helpful resources some of which are free and others which have a fee.

                   Some other resources to check into include:
                       And Bible – cell phones and tablets – your favorite app store
                       Bible Gateway –
                       MySword - cell phones and tablets – your favorite app store
                       Online Bible –
                       The Word – download to computer ( modules for this program
                       are available at

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