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Bible Puzzles

Old fashioned cardboard jigsaw puzzles have gone digital. We searched for the best known religious works of art and turned them into Bible Jigsaw Puzzles. Here is an opportunity for you to enjoy our gaming creativity offline. It's not necessary to have an Internet connection in order to play. Each puzzle is a self-contained executable (.exe) program. Installation is unnecessary. If your virus software gives an alert during the download process, just indicate that it is safe to continue. Puzzles are free of spyware and malware. Double click each downloaded puzzle to launch a new biblical experience with a twist on an old game. Enjoy them on the front porch, in the back seat of the car, next to the swimming pool - but not in church during the worship service. As you put each puzzle together piece by piece, consider how God may also want to improve your spiritual life, piece by piece. Share them with your friends.


Click on any thumbnail or text link underneath to download a jigsaw puzzle to your computer. In a few seconds, a Dialog Box will appear. Press on the Save button and be sure to remember the location where you saved it. Double-click to open and run the puzzle game. Puzzles (300-500KB) are self-contained executable programs. No installation of any kind is necessary. Each is guaranteed to be free of spyware or malicious intent.


When the puzzle first opens, all pieces will be scattered across the playing surface in a random order. Drag each piece by single left-clicking on it and continue pressing the left mouse button while it is being moved. When selected, a Soft Shadow will appear around the edges to let you know that it is selected. You can move several pieces at once by drawing out a rectangular Bounding Box around or over those pieces. Selected pieces will Turn Red when you release the mouse button. Drag them as a group elsewhere.

Each piece can be rotated a full circle. Pieces in the first three sets have not been rotated. At the beginning, each of the scattered pieces will appear exactly as in the finished puzzle. The only motion necessary is sliding them around the playing area. At the Expert level, many of the puzzle pieces have been rotated at the start. In other words, a piece with a flat edge along the top might actually be a side or bottom piece. This adds a greater dimension to your puzzle pleasure. You will need to click both left and right mouse buttons to rotate. First click a piece with the left mouse button and keep it pressed. Then click the right mouse button for each 90 degree Clockwise Rotation.

There is a magnetic property of each piece, like many other games. When two pieces can be joined, they will snap together even though there might still be a small amount of space between them. After a successful join, a clicking sound will be issued, so turn up the volume on your audio controls. ALL JOINED PIECES FLOAT ABOVE ALL SCATTERED PIECES. If you nearly complete a puzzle but a few pieces are missing, drag the puzzle around to reveal the ones still underneath. Joined pieces cannot be broken apart. For your assistance there is a small Picture Box of the completed puzzle. It can be moved to any location, minimized, or removed. Four buttons across the bottom enlarge the picture to different sizes. Puzzles cannot be saved. You can minimize the entire puzzle in order to work in other computer programs but everything resets upon exit.


Many people try to connect all the edge pieces first and then work on similar color patterns in the middle. Establishing an outer boundary helps you spatially understand distances between inner colors. Try locating each corner piece and then strive to complete one edge, and then another, and then another until you have the whole outside border finished. Next, look for similar color patterns in the middle. Group all pieces with those colors in one area. Then, try connecting each group. One nice advantage over regular cardboard table top puzzles is that all joined pieces can be moved without everything falling apart. We tried not to create puzzles that are too difficult because the fun factor is soon lost. Only the Expert level will test your skill and patience.