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These non-denominational Bible games, puzzles, and quizzes are intended to offer qualified biblical learning with a measure of lighthearted entertainment to all lovers of the Bible. It is also offered to students who want to increase their comprehension and retention of scripture. Our studies focus explicitly on the Bible itself, rather than unpredictable excursions into the various theological environs of belief, custom, or doctrine. We have tried to combine these exercises with a touch of enjoyment because many people seem to take more of an interest in learning when fun is involved. We desire to communicate biblical truths, for the Bible is the light for our pathway, to illuminate and help us along our mutual pilgrimage towards eternity. Hopefully, these exercises will greatly enhance your reading and studying of the Bible. Here are a variety of puzzles and exercises to get you in the mood for studying the Bible. We have selected a number of different puzzle concepts that utilize memory and very simple concentration skills. Each puzzle was selected with the intention of adding some fun to your study of the Bible. If you know of any other puzzle concepts that we may be able to add, please let us know. Have fun and enjoy your Bible!

Graphic Optical Fun Click on the image to the right or the link and stare at the red dot in the center of the image for about fifteen seconds. Then close your eyes to see a reverse image of the original. For some people it may be more helpful to open your eyes partially.

Graphic Find Books is an opportunity to locate books of the Bible. We hid the names of twenty-six books of the Bible in a few short paragraphs, all wrapped around a little story. See if you can discover where each of them are hidden.

Graphic Caesar's Checker Challenge will test your ability to beat Caesar at an old fashion game of checkers. Yes, he can be beat. Use good judgement and don't let him get ahead because he doesn't give you much of an opportunity to catchup. Caesar wrote this game in JavaScript1.1 and prefers FireFox 3, Netscape 7, Opera 9, and MSIE 6-8 in Windows 2000, XP, Vista in both 32/64 bit. He might be unpredictable with other browsers or operating systems. Skill level is Expert. May fortune be with you.

Graphic Word Search is an exercise to discover the repositioned letters of words from the Bible. Each word may appear horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and backwards in any of the previous three formats. When you have found a word, click on the "center" of the first letter and drag to the "center" of the last letter. The differences between skill levels of this section are far less than any other game that we offer.

Graphic Apostles
Graphic Countries
Graphic Jesus
Graphic Measures
Graphic OT Books
Graphic NT Books
Graphic OT Cities
Graphic NT Cities
Graphic NT People
Graphic Judges
Graphic Animals
Graphic Clothing
Graphic Tabernacle
Graphic Plants
Graphic Minerals

Graphic Drag & Drop is a procedure whereby you reassemble a picture of Jesus that has been rearranged in a Grid. You will move and position tiles in the Grid so that they will finally resemble the sample picture of Jesus. Click on a square in the Grid, drag it and drop it where you think it should be. Dragging means that you hold down the left button while moving the mouse.

GraphicChildren GraphicFishing
GraphicHoly Night
GraphicLast Supper

Graphic Sliding Tiles is a procedure to reassemble a picture of Jesus that has been rearranged in a Grid, except that you do not have the freedom to move each tile as in Drag & Drop. You will move and position tiles in the Grid so that they will finally resemble the picture of Jesus. Click on a square in the Grid and move it as the puzzle will allow.

GraphicBeginner GraphicIntermediate GraphicAdvanced GraphicExpert

Graphic Memory & Concentration is an exercise that tests your ability to remember where you saw a word and then match it with its twin. Click on a square and it will reveal a word, then click on another square to finds its pair. Clicking on each twin word in succession creates a match.

GraphicBeginner GraphicIntermediate GraphicAdvanced GraphicExpert

Crossword Puzzles have been a favorite pastime for as long as there have been newspapers and magazines. Aficionados of this sport are some of the most devoted in the world of games. In each of the following puzzles, there is something unique about each clue that should point you to one specific answer.

Graphic 10 Rules Graphic Men
Graphic Women
Graphic NT Books
Graphic Bible Terms
Graphic Expert

Bible Puzzles

Old fashioned cardboard jigsaw puzzles have gone digital. We searched for the best known religious works of art and turned them into jigsaw puzzles. Here is an opportunity for you to learn more about the bible and also enjoy our gaming creativity while offline. That's right, offline. It's not necessary to have an Internet connection in order to play. Each puzzle is a self-contained executable (.exe) program. Installation is unnecessary. If your virus software gives an alert during the download process, just indicate that it is safe to continue. Puzzles are free of spyware and malware. Double click each downloaded puzzle to launch a new biblical experience. Download each puzzle to your laptop and enjoy them on the front porch, in the back seat of the car, next to the swimming pool - but not in church during the worship service. As you put each puzzle together piece by piece, consider how God may also want to improve your spiritual life, piece by piece. Please first read our Instructions to better understand how to play. Share them with your friends.

  BEGINNER 25 ± pieces / 10-15 minutes / pieces not rotated

  25 Pieces
Birth Of Jesus
40 Pieces
Joseph into Slavery
54 Pieces
Woman at the Well
70 Pieces
Tower of Babel

  INTERMEDIATE 100 ± pieces / 20-40 minutes / pieces ROTATED -- (changed to rotated 06/02/10)

  96 Pieces
Pharaoh's Daughter
126 Pieces
Abraham & Isaac
176 Pieces
Prayer in Gethsemane

  ADVANCED 200 ± pieces / 40-60 minutes / pieces not rotated

  247 Pieces
Ten Commandments
384 Pieces
Marriage at Cana

  EXPERT 500 ± pieces / 60-90 minutes / pieces not rotated -- (changed to NOT rotated 06/02/10)

  864 Pieces
Jesus On Trial

Bible Quizzes

Each question comes directly from the Bible, forbearing the temptation to use items related to topics such as theology, church history, beliefs, doctrines, or educational disciplines. The primary intention of these exercises is to concentrate on the Bible itself. When you have completed each question, click on the Answers button to be see each question with the correct answer, your response to the question, and a mathematical computation of correct / wrong answers in percentage. Many of the more difficult or especially tricky questions have a detailed explanation with accompanying scriptures to fully explain our reasoning. Each quiz level has slightly more difficult questions and presumes a more thorough understanding and comprehension of the Bible. The degree of difficulty of these various quizzes is determined by a mixture of three components: number of questions, theological depth of the subject matter, and the progressive use of "fill in the blank" type of questions. The latter is probably the most influential factor because it quickly removes the probability of guessing at visible answers. Finally, a reminder that in the case of True/False questions, if any part of the statement is false - the answer is false, no matter how true the rest of the statement may be.

  WARM UP GraphicLight-hearted exercise with a twist of humor to get you started

  BEGINNER GraphicCities

  INTERMEDIATE GraphicPeople

  ADVANCED GraphicAnimals

  EXPERT GraphicExpert100

Your comments, suggestionsGraphicor corrections are welcome

NOTE: Special care has been exercised in the collecting of photographs, illustrations, religious paintings, and gaming exercises to insure that intellectual property has been respected. Other than existing in the public domain, all images have been taken from resources which permit free use of their content to non-profit organizations or private individuals. We have studiously written the code for each Bible quiz in a language called Perl. Any resemblance in appearance or functionality to commercially available software is wholly coincidental.

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