What is NYC?

    What is NYC? When we Brethren think of NYC, we know that it is a conference held for youth every four years supported by our denomination. But to others, from different religious backgrounds, we need to explain that it is not New York City. Where do we find these people anyhow? So I find myself continuing by explaining that it is a very inspirational week where 5,000 youth from various cultural backgrounds come together on Colorado State University's campus to participate in various activities. Some of these include: hiking in the Rocky Mountains, taking part in Frisbee golf- tennis- volleyball- basketball games, being exposed to various workshops anywhere from sign language to where youth fit into the church, worship services, a Ken Medema concert (promising to be a highlight for the week), service projects, and chances for each of the participants to extend their friendships.

    NYC provides opportunities for youth that no other even in the Brethren denomination can do. Youth participants from the past NYC's have come away form the conferences saying that it was a life changing event for them, provided direction in their lives, or even provided opportunities to meet people who become life long companions.

    As the National Youth Cabinet gathered to start their planning for the conference scheduled in July 1998, their goals for this event were to produce a conference that would be fun, exciting, and filled with unlimited options. I would like to invite you to consider joining us in Fort Collins, Colorado on July 28-August 2, 1998, as we create NYC '98. These six days promise to provide a life challenging experience that will hopefully leave a special light in each person's life. As you make plans for your 1998 summer, set some time aside to join us. A spot has been saved just for you!!

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