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    Yes, registrations are currently available for National Youth Conference. Each participant, both youth and advisors, must fill out a registration form and send it to the NYC Office along with their deposit of $125. Here's all that you need to know about registering for National Youth Conference:

Registration is from January 1 - May 1, 1998
    All forms and money MUST be in by May 1, 1998. As a bonus for those who register early, a free t-shirt will be given to all registrations postmarked by March 1, 1998.

At the time of registration...
    ...a deposit of $125 is due. The remainder of the $315 fee is due by May 1, 1998. If you choose to go hiking in the Rocky Mountains, that is an extra $12 fee and is also due by May 1. There will be a late fee charged for all payments after the due date.

Registration is different for NYC '98 than ever before
    There is a computerized form of which each person must fill out an ORIGINAL copy (no photocopies are allowed). To help you fill out this form, there is a registration brochure that outlines each step of the process. It is very important that you read all the information in the brochure as you are filling out the form. It has directions as to fees, signatures, emergency information, and other important items. Please take your time and use a #2 pencil. Please print in the boxes as well as bubble in the rectangles. Use both the white and blue shaded boxes.

If you find when you are filling out...
    ...a form that your name, address, city, or other information does not completely fit, please attach a note to your registration form stating the complete name. You will have another chance to check the information in your registration packet as well.

When you send in your registration...
    ...make sure that you have signed the Covenant and Assumption of Risk Agreement and Release. Also have your parent or guardian sign where applicable. If you are an advisor, please sign blanks 1, 3, & 4. Advisors will also receive more detailed information in their registration packet about their covenant.

Make sure to send in a picture...
    ...of yourself along with your registration form and deposit. This is optional, but it will be used in a giant NYC picture - become a part of NYC history, even before the event!!

About 2-4 weeks after you have registered... will receive a packet in the mail with tons of information about NYC and all that goes on. Please make sure and read it thoroughly when you get it. You don't want to miss anything important!
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    If you need more registration forms, please call, write, or e-mail the NYC Office. We will be happy to send you as many as you can use. Please DO NOT PHOTOCOPY the forms themselves - you must fill out an ORIGINAL only. Feel free to copy the accompanying brochure if necessary.

SPECIAL NOTE: It has come to our attention that those participants with numbers for street names will have trouble filling out the registration forms, as there are no numbers available for street names.

Some examples are:

This is what we ask you to do:
  1. In this case ( 3402 N. 67th St. ), try and write out as much of the address as will fit (i.e., N. Sixty-Seventh St.). Then attach a note to your registration explaining that your address does not fit, and we will change it manually once it is put into the database.

  2. In this case ( Rt. 1 Box 200 ), please write in the "Address Street Name" box the following:"Rt. One Box" and put the box number in the "Apartment Number" box.

  3. In this case ( 1000 N 4520 E ), please put the first number in the street number box, the two directions in the street name box, and the second number in the apartment number box.

  4. In this case ( PO Box 322 ), please put the box number in the apartment number box, with the words "PO Box" in the street name box.
If you have other problems, please call Joy Struble, Assistant NYC Coordinator, at the NYC office and she'll be happy to help you fill out the form correctly.

Good luck and see you at NYC!!!

For more information contact:
National Youth Conference
Youth and Young Adult Ministries Office
1451 Dundee Avenue
Elgin, Illinois 60120c (847) 742-5100
Youth/Young Adult Ministries Office

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