History of NYC

Year Location Conference Theme
1954 Anderson, Indiana "For the Glory of God and My Neighbor's Good"
1958 Lake Junaluska, North Carolina "Our Faith Tremendous"
1962 Estes Park, Colorado "Temper My Spirit, O Lord"
1966 Ithaca, New York "You in the World"
1971 Valparaiso, Indiana "Courage to be...Brethren?"
1974 Glorieta, New Mexico "Everybody Is a Part of Everything"
1978 Estes Park, Colorado "Out of the Mountains, Power to Fly"
1982 Estes Park, Colorado "Alive...to love, to care, to share"
1986 Estes Park, Colorado "Vision from the Mountain"
1990 Fort Collins "Challenged in the '90s...Committed for Life!"
1994 Fort Collins "Come to the Edge, Claim the Call"
1998 Fort Collins "...With Eyes of Faith"

    National Youth Conference dates back to 1954 when the first one was held in Anderson, Indiana. Every four years since then, Church of the Brethren youth have gathered for five days of worship, fellowship, learning, and service. The past five NYC's have been held in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Now many of the youth coming to NYC have had older sisters and brothers and even parents who attended an NYC when they were teens.

    NYC has gathered momentum with each year. Every NYC has had more youth than the one before. In 1994 we set a record with 4,200 youth. And the impact of NYC on the life of our denomination has grown. Many of the songs, worship ideas, and significant moments of NYC have found their way back into many local churches.

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