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Joseph & Jesus

All aspects compiled by Ronald Gordon

Uncanny spiritual parallels between their lives have fascinated biblical readers for many years. Were these elements meant to exist? Is God showing us these comparisons for a reason? Are these parallels only the result of mere coincidence? Regardless of what you choose to believe, these parallels make for enjoyable reading and spiritual illumination.

Parallel Activity Joseph Jesus
He was the favorite son of a wealthy fatherGen. 37:3Matt. 3:17
He was a shepherdGen. 37:2John 10:11-14
He was taken into Egypt to avoid being killedGen. 37:28Matt. 2:13
He became a servantGen. 39:4Phil. 2:7
He began his ministry at the age of thirtyGen. 41:46Luke 3:23
He was filled with the Spirit of GodGen. 41:38Luke 4:1
He returned good for evilGen.50:20Matt. 5:44
He was humble and unspoiled by wealthGen. 45:7-8John 13:12
He was taught by GodGen. 41:16John 5:19
He loved people freelyGen. 45:15John 13:34
He gained the confidence of others quicklyGen. 39:3Matt. 8:8
He gave bread to hungry people that came to himGen. 41:57Mark 6:41
He resisted the most difficult temptationsGen. 39:8-9Heb. 4:15
He was given vision into the futureGen. 37:6Matt. 24:3
He tested people to reveal their true natureGen. 42:25Mark 11:30
He was hated for his teachingsGen. 37:8John 7:7
He was sold for the price of a slaveGen. 37:28Matt. 26:15
He was falsely accusedGen. 39:14Mark 14:56
He was silent before his accuserGen. 39:20Mark 15:4
He was condemned between two prisonersGen. 40:2-3Luke 23:32
He was dead before his fatherGen. 37:33Luke 23:46
He was held for two, and was free on the thirdGen. 41:1Luke 9:22
He married a Gentile brideGen. 41:45Luke 2:32, John 10:16
He arose into a new lifeGen. 41:41Mark 16:6
He was not recognized by his own brethrenGen. 42.8Luke 24:37
He returned to his fatherGen. 46:29Mark 16:19
He became a lord / LordGen. 45:8Rev. 19:16

The name of Jesus’ earthly father was Joseph

The name of Jesus’ chief accuser was Joseph ben Caiaphas

The name of the man who buried Jesus was Joseph of Arimathaea

The compiler of this comparison is Ronald Joseph Gordon

“This he ordained in Joseph for a testimony, when he went out through the land of Egypt.” - Proverbs 17:22

“Even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you.” - 1 Corinthians 1:6

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