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“Why I Love the Church of the Brethren”

by Rhonda Phillips

Brummetts Creek Church of the Brethren - Southeastern District

When I was a little girl, growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, I lived about a mile from the Brethren church I attended. I walked every Sunday with my brothers and sisters to the small church, attended by only a few. It was there that I learned the awe of God's salvation through His son Jesus Christ. The traditions of the Brethren church were not strange to me. I did not realize at the time that other churches did not baptize three times forward, or that other children's mothers and grandmothers did not cover their head when they prayed. I did not realize the value of these traditions until I left home, went to college, came back and started a family of my own.

Being raised as a Brethren, I believed that my husband was the head of our household. So I left the Brethren church to go to the home church of my husband which was not a Brethren church. Despite the warmth in which his church welcomed me, despite the love of Christ I felt in that church, I was unsettled but I did not realize why. It was a decision made by my husband, motivated by (he says) a need to be with couples and friends our own age, to attend a nearby church, the Brummetts Creek Church of the Brethren. The first Sunday we attended, I knew I was Home.

I love the fellowship of District Conference, the Love Feast in October, Communion at Easter, the baptisms in trine emersion. I love the beliefs of the Brethren. My hope would be that my three children will continue the work of the church and hold true the beliefs that are so dear to me.

Rhonda Phillips

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