Page 63 - Set Apart Ministry 2017
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                  (To be mailed to the District Executive at the District Office at the completion of each meeting)

               Name  _________________________  Congregation  __________________________

               Number of years Licensed  ______________
               Address ______________________________   Phone ___________________ (Home)

                      ______________________________                ____________________ (Work)

               Email address _________________________                 _____________________ (Cell)
               Mentor  ______________________________

               1. Please describe any formal classes or training you are currently taking.

               2. Please describe your interaction with your mentor including topics of discussion,
               frequency of meeting, and any issues which you or your mentor have identified as
               needing further exploration.

               3. Please describe your current involvement within in your congregation including your
               specific responsibilities and your thoughts on your experiences in ministry. What are
               you are learning about God, yourself, working with others, and ministry in general?

               4. Please describe your interaction with your calling cohort including what topics you
               discuss and what observations or suggestions result from that interaction.

               5. Please summarize your thoughts and goals concerning your future ministry.  How is
               your perception of your call being confirmed, challenged, or redirected?

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