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               You have been called to serve as a mentor for __________________________ who
               has been approved for  (_____ Discerner  _____ Licensed Minister) status.  The District
               Ministry Commission is delighted that you have accepted this call.  In order to assist in
               making the mentor-mentee relationship a positive experience, the District Ministry
               Commission has set forth the following guidelines and expectations.

                 1.  Plan to meet with the mentee not less than four (4) times during the year.
                     Additional meetings if needed or desired can be arranged at the discretion of the
                     mentor and/or mentee.
                 2.  The times and locations of the meetings are at the discretion of the mentor and
                 3.  The mentor/mentee meetings are separate from and in addition to the meetings of
                     the Calling Cohort.
                 4.  The Calling Cohort should meet not less than four (4) times during the year.  The
                     mentor may facilitate that meeting.

                 1.  The mentor should assign reading and/or other activities which will help broaden
                     the mentee’s understanding of Scripture, ministry in general, and Brethren history.
                 2.  Each meeting with the mentor should include discussion on the following topics:
                     a.  The mentee’s self-evaluation of his/her growth in ministry
                     b.  The mentee’s understanding of ministry
                     c.  The mentee’s interaction with pastoral and church staff
                     d.  The mentee’s interaction with the congregation especially focusing on any
                        groups, classes, etc. with which the mentee is particularly involved
                     e.  Discussion of biblical doctrine and its application to everyday life
                     f.  Discussion of Brethren history
                     g.  As the discerning process nears its completion the mentor should encourage
                        the mentee to complete the Pre-licensing Interview Guide and submit it to the
                        District Ministry Commission at the close of the discernment year.
                     h.  As the licensed minister prepares for commissioning/ordination the mentor
                        should encourage the mentee to complete the Commissioning/Ordination
                        Interview Guide along with the Covenant of Accountability and submit them to
                        the District Ministry Commission in preparation for the interview process.

                 1.  Use the Mentor Report Form to record your observations about the progress of the
                     discernment process.  This form must be submitted to the District Executive at
                     the District Office after each meeting with your mentee.
                 2.  You should keep a copy of the evaluation form for your records and to use as a
                     guide for follow-up discussions with the mentee.

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