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                                                        SESSION 1

               Opening Prayer

               Scripture reading and discussion
                   Matthew 25:14-20
                   James 1:1-8

               Song (sung or read together)
                   I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go (see appendix)

               Discussion time
                   Personal Life and Growth
                       5.  Describe your daily routine, your devotional habits, your study habits, etc.
                       6.  Describe your relationships with your family members.
                       7.  Describe your responsibilities and relationships at work or school.
                       8.  What specific lessons are you learning about yourself in relationship to the
                          Lord and His Word?

                   Ministry Involvement and Insights
                       9.  Describe your current ministry responsibilities.
                       10. Describe your relationships with the pastor(s), deacons, teachers, and other
                          congregational leaders.
                       11. Describe your relationships with the individuals who are part of your particular
                          area of ministry.
                       12. Describe your relationship with members of the congregation as a whole.
                       13. What specific things are you learning about yourself and about others as you
                          interact with the people in your congregation?
                       14. Are there any areas where you might need to pay particular attention?
                       15. What specific steps might you take in resolving any problems which have
                       16. What specific steps might you take to prevent future problems?

                   Bible Knowledge and Application (It is not necessary to prepare written responses to
                   these topics.  They are intended for discussion during the cohort session. The
                   candidate should make good use of the Scriptures.)
                          1.  Define the following terms: inspiration, revelation, illumination, inerrancy,
                              translation, preservation.
                          2.  Discuss the relationship between the Old and New Testaments.
                          3.  Defend your understanding of the source and the authority of the Bible.
                          4.  Why are these topics important and how might they apply to your

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