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Miscellaneous Topics
                       Are there any questions or issues which the candidate has for discussion?
                       Are there any additional topics which the cohort members have for discussion?
                       What specific encouragements can the cohort members offer to the candidate?

               (Removed Theology and Application section)

               Closing Prayer

               Discussion of recommendation to the District Ministry Commission
                   After the Discerner is dismissed the cohort members should discuss what
                   recommendations they will make to the District Ministry Commission.  These
                   recommendations should include comments on the Discerner’s personal life and
                   growth, their ministry involvement and insights.  The recommendations should be
                   made in writing and sent to the District Executive for the District Ministry
                   Commission.  Upon receipt of the Calling Cohort’s recommendations an interview for
                   the candidate with the District Ministry Commission will be scheduled.
               Submission of completed Mentor Report Form to the District Executive
               Submission of completed Discerner Report Form to the District Executive

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