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Share your understanding of the relationship of the District structure with the local congregation.
               My understanding of the relationship of the District to the local congregation is one of support,
               leadership, and ethical accountability. This is accomplished best when the true spirit of collaboration
               and respect is present allowing the COB to grow and flourish.

               Describe the gifts God has given you to continue the work of Jesus; particularly through the position
               to which you have been nominated.
               I believe my gifts lie in being a community collaborator and communicator. The experiences I had, and
               trainings received as a volunteer at York 1  COB allowed me to grow into a position of leadership with
               the YMCA of York County.  This included growing a group of YMCA community programs to a full-service
               YMCA serving 3800+ members. These programs were to fulfill the mission of the YMCA in building
               healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. I worked with churches, school districts, local government, and
               community residents and organizations to put programs and services in place.

               List the intercultural experiences you have been a part of during the past 5-8 years.
               Various YMCA trainings: Cultural Diversity, Community Collaborations, Board & Financial Development
               & Fundraising. Hosting International Camp Counselors.

               Board member of Southern Branch YMCA Community Services Board, Mason Dixon Community Drug
               Task Force, working with Juvenile Justice System volunteers & Eagle Scouts, River’s Edge Community
               Services,  lead the development of the Southern Branch YMCA Special Needs Task Force, and
               instrumental in establishing a Rock Steady Boxing program for Parkinson’s .

               Most recently led a workcamp to assist in the cleanup of Cornerstone Youth Home, a program under the
               administrative umbrella of CAS to provide housing for homeless youth.

               NOMINATING & PERSONNEL – Central Zone – 3 year term – 2023 – vote for one (1)

               Need nominations for this position.

               NOMINATING & PERSONNEL – Eastern Zone – 3 year term – 2023 – vote for one (1)

               RICHARD GODFREY – Hanover Church of the Brethren – Former Pastor

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