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       Dear Friends,
          The Brethren Disaster Relief Auction will be holding their 44th Annual
       Disaster Relief Auction at the Lebanon Expo Center on Friday, September
       24 and Saturday, September 25, 2021.  The Auction's primary goal is to
       bring honor and glory to God, with its secondary goal being to raise money
       for disaster victims throughout the world.
          The Disaster Relief Auction is inviting you to participate either as an
       individual or part of a church group by displaying and selling your arts and
       crafts.  Many of last year's exhibitors, who wished to reserve the same
       space in 2021, have paid a $10.00 reservation fee, however we do have
       additional spaces available.  The space measures 10' X 8'.  An additional
       $10.00 fee is required for electricity.  All items must be non-edible and
       hand crafted.
          Please complete the application and return to me by August 1, 2021.
       Spaces  will  be  filled  in  the  order  that  applications  and  payments  are
       received.  Your reservation will be confirmed by letter before August 25.
          Questions?  Contact Julie Miller at or 717-

       Make checks out to:  Brethren Disaster Relief Auction
       Mail to Julie Miller, P O Box 24, Elm, PA  17521

       Name_____________________________ Phone#________________

       Please indicate number of spaces you desire:
       ____ 1 at $60.00  ___ 1 ½ at $90.00   ___2 at $120.00

       Conditions for entering:  Chose one of the following.
       _______A.  Submit $60.00 for each space
       _______B.  Donate 25% of sale proceeds (minimum $60.00 per space)
       _______C.  Donate all proceeds to the Disaster Relief Fund
       Do you require electricity? No ___ Yes___ (include an additional $10.00 if
       checking “Yes”)
       My signature below dissolves the Disaster Relief Auction Committee from
       responsibility for damage, misplaced, or stolen goods.

       Please list items you will be bringing.  ___________________________

       There will be many food items for sale in the main buildings on Friday,
       beginning at 9:00 am that is sure to attract large crowds.  You will find
       opportunities  for  great  sales  on  Friday  and  Saturday.    This  year  the
       Theme Baskets will begin at 6:00 pm in the Main Hall on Friday.
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