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October is Pastor Appreciation Month!                                                            JUNIATA COUNTY CROP WALK
                                                                                                                       Sunday, October 10
                                                                                                                       at Walker Twp Park
                                                                                                                    Registration starts at 1:30 pm
                                                                                                                       Walk begins at 2:00 pm
                                                                                         A sign-up sheet and pledge collection envelopes are in the narthex.
                                                                                      Each walker will need a separate envelope and will also need to sign an
                                                                                      additional COVID release form.  All money needs to be turned in the day
                                                                                      of the walk.  All checks are to be made payable to CWS/CROP.
                                                                                         The  Walk  will  be  held  at  Walker  Twp  Park,  but  if  you  don't  feel
                                                                                      comfortable in a crowd, you may walk by yourself at another place or at a
                                                                                      different  time.    Just  let  us  know  how  much  you  raised  and  send  your
                                                                                      donations to Juniata County CROP, PO Box 91, McAlisterville, PA  17049.
                                  Candy Sale and Making                               If you wish, you may also join us virtually on our Facebook page the day
                            Order  sheets  are  available  in  the  October           of   the   walk   to   watch   our   Live   presentation.   Go    to
                         newsletter and extra copies have been placed on the  and click on live video.
                         table in the narthex.  Please have your orders placed           As always, 25% of money raised will stay in the county to be split
                         in  Dina  Zug's  mailbox  no  later  than  Sunday,           between the Food Pantry and Meals-On-Wheels.
                         October 24!                                                     Any walker raising $125 or more will earn a CROP tee shirt.  Some
                            Set-up  for  Candy  Making  will  be  Friday,             shirts will be available at the walk.  If your size isn't there, it will be ordered
       November  5,  at  8:00  am.  Candy  Making  will  begin  at  7:00  am  on      and delivered to you at a later date.
       Saturday, November 6.  There are many different jobs that are suitable            We hope you'll keep the walk in your prayers and consider walking or
       for everyone.  We all know lots of hands make the morning go by fast.  The
       profits from this project go to Children's Aid Society.                        sponsoring walkers.  So many people have such a great need and this is
                                                                                      a wonderful way to help.
                                                                                         Questions? – contact Becky Zeigler.  Thank you!
          Please remember our shut-ins with your prayers and
         Ray & Bev Oberlin              Denton Ritzman
         North Ridge Center             North Ridge Center
         Personal Care, Rm 5            Personal Care, Rm 17                                                Sunday School Classes Updates
         99 North Ridge Drive           99 North Ridge Drive                                             The Seekers Sunday School Class is currently meeting
         McAlisterville, PA 17049       McAlisterville, PA  17049                                   in the upstairs Adult Sunday School room.  Please join us
         (717) 463-2249                                                                             at 9:30 am each Sunday for stimulating discussion and
         (717) 348-1686 (Ray's cell)                                                                teaching!  Ron Gordon, Allen Zendt, and Sharon Ritzman
                                                                                      are currently teaching.  Starting September 12, we will be studying Acts,
                                                                                      chapter 9 and continuing with one chapter each Sunday.
                      Plan to join us!                                                   The Sunday school class which meets in the fellowship hall has started
            On  Sunday,  October  10,  please  join  us  in                           a new study – Last Words, seven sayings from the heart of Christ on the
                                                                                      cross, written by Robert J. Nash.  Christ's final words on earth are full of
       welcoming the Alderfer family from Echo Ranch Bible                            forgiveness,  hope,  and  compassion.   Last  Words  explores  a  fresh
       Camp.   They  will  be  speaking  during  the  Sunday                          perspective on the obedience of the cross, revealing the heart of God who
       School hour with updates on their ministry in Alaska.                          sent His Son to die.  Find new meaning in the power and hope of His
            A free-will offering will be collected.
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