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ATTENTION!                                                                         News from the Church Secretary regarding
                    Free Spring members                                                                               Church Office Hours,
                   and regular attenders!                                                                  Bulletin/Newsletter Submission Deadlines,
          Ron  Gordon  will  be  taking  studio  photographs  of                                                   and Newsletter Distribution
       Free Spring families and individuals during the following
       sessions, so mark your calendars to save these dates:                               Church Office Hours: Great news!  I am retiring from my full-time job!!
       Friday  evening,  September  10,  6:00  to  9:00  pm  and  Saturday,           My last day with the commonwealth will be July 30, 2021.  This means that
       September 11, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.                                              after almost 25 years at Free Spring, I will finally be able to hold regular
          There  is  no  cost  to  the  church  or  the  family.    Appointments  are   office hours each week starting in August!  Office hours will be 10:00 am
       unnecessary.  Just walk in!                                                    to 12:00 noon (depending on how much there is to be done each week, I
          Please do not wear green colors as they will conflict with a removable      may be working longer, particularly on newsletter week or slightly shorter
       green background.  Custom printing will be your responsibility at Walmart      if there isn't much to put in the bulletin) starting August 5.
       or CVS.  Digital photos suitable for framing will be emailed to you.  Photo       Bulletin/Newsletter Submission Deadlines: Also starting in August,
       releases will also be available to avoid copyright infringement.               if you have something for the bulletin, the deadline will be Wednesdays
                                                                                      each week.  Newsletter deadlines will remain as the Mondays listed in the
          See you then in the fellowship hall!!                                       Directory (but an absolute deadline of Wednesday submissions at latest)
                                                                                      as I will be completing the newsletter on Thursdays each month now (no
                                                                                      more Saturdays!   ).

                                                                                         Newsletter Distributions:  Also, starting with the August newsletter,
                                                                                      we will be going back to paper copies being placed in church mailboxes.
                             Ongoing Prayer List to be Updated!                       If you would like to "go green" and continue to receive your newsletter via
                            During the month of July, those listed below and in       e-mail instead of a paper copy in your mailbox, or if you currently have a
                        the  weekly  bulletins  in  bold  italics  on  the  Ongoing   paper copy mailed to your home and wish to continue to receive it that
                        Prayer  Needs  list  will  be  purged  and  updated  on       way, please let me know as soon as possible.  And if you received your
                        Sunday, August 1 so that only those who still need to         newsletter by e-mail or had a paper copy mailed to you prior to COVID,
                        be on this list will remain.                                  your newsletter will be provided to you as was before unless you request
                                                                                      a change.
                             Ongoing Prayer Needs:                                       Newsletters  and  bulletins  will  also  continue  to  be  placed  on  the
                 Harry Bashore                       Evelyn Benner                    church's website.  Thank you!        ~ Lona Henry, Church Secretary
                 Dot Benson                         Stacey Bowman
                 Anna Brubaker                       Joan Chatman
                 Annette Frymoyer                    Joan Fulkroad
                 Donna Stydinger Gantt             Dianne Goshorn
                 Sue Henderson                         Irene Howell                                                Church World Service
                 Hannah Marie Johns                      Jack Libby                                             School Kits (July – August)
                 Cecelia Messimer                     Minnie Minick
                 Rick Peters                        Jeremy Phillips                       1 pair of blunt-end metal scissors (rounded tip)
                 Ellie Ritzman                         Joe Ritzman                        3 70-count spiral notebooks or notebooks totaling 200-210 pages
                 Finn Silva and Family               Randy Speece                            (no loose-leaf or filler paper)
                 Melody Varner                      Marilyn Weaver                        1 30-centimeter ruler (12")
                 Mervin Yoder                                                             1 hand-held pencil sharpener (removed from package)
                                                                                          1 large eraser (no pencil cap erasers)
          If  you  know  of  any  individuals  on  this  list  who  you  know  needs  to   6 new unsharpened pencils with erasers (removed from package)
       continue to be listed, please put their name(s) in my mailbox, or you may          1 box of 24 crayons (only 24)
       send me an e-mail, during the month of July.   Please note that persons
       may be added to the ongoing list at any time.                                                      Cloth bags are in the CWS chest.
          Thank you!                          – Lona Henry, Church Secretary                             *Pack all items inside the cloth bag.
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