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Witness Commission                                                                      Juniata County Food Pantry
                   July Food Pantry Delivery by:                                                                         July Update
                            Mary Zeigler                                                                   Summer  is  off  to  a  busy  start  at  the  Food
          During the months of July and August, our Food Pantry                                          Pantry  with  the  Summer  Backpack  lunch
       request for donations will be 28 oz. bottles of dish detergent.  Thank you                        program in full swing.  Thank you so much for all
       to all those who are faithfully giving to this outreach project.  Mary Zeigler   the great community support!  Our Backpack program is providing food
       will be delivering these to the Food Pantry.  Thank you, Mary.                 for children in grades K-8 – children who might otherwise be going
          The Baby Bottles for Heartbeat will be available to fill with your change   hungry this summer are instead receiving boxes filled with nutritious
       (or paper bills or checks) during the month of July.  Please pick one up for   lunches.
       this much needed organization.                                                    In May 2021, the Food Pantry served 160 families in need – a total
          Our Annual Chicken BBQ went very well and all was cleaned up and            of 393 individuals.  A special thank you to Free Spring Church of the
       picked up by 3:30 pm.  The help was outstanding!!!!!!  There was no extra      Brethren for providing volunteers for the month of May.
       chicken left, and the chocolate and strawberry ice cream that is left is in
       the church freezer.  The BBQ Committee would like your input on whether           Donations  are  beginning  to  slow  down  as  families  head  off  on
       or not to have meals again at BBQ time and/or if you think we should move      vacation and we are still seeing low numbers at the pantry, so if you
       the date of BBQ.  Please reach out to any of us on the Commission with         know of anyone in need, please have them give us a call.  Please don’t
       your comments please.                                                          forget that hunger doesn’t take a vacation in the summer!  If you’d like
          During the months of July and August we will be collecting items for        to come give us a hand, we can always use volunteers.
       the CWS School Kits.  Please see the list of items needed for these Kits       Food Pantry Donations for July and August:  Dish Detergent (28 oz.)
       in your directory or elsewhere in this newsletter if you wish to donate.          Our  vestibule  is  open  24  hours  a  day  to  receive  non-perishable
                                                                                      donations.  Donations of cash, checks or gift cards may be deposited in
                  ~ Jen Sparks, Warren Wagner, Becca Walters, and Dina Zug            the vestibule’s mail slot.
                                                                                         Contact Person:  Glenda Fultz, Executive Director
                                                                                         Phone:  (717) 436-9718 (answering machine)
                               Todd Wert, who has been on our prayer chain for           Address:  PO Box 44, Mifflintown, PA  17059
                          quite  a  while,  is  the  adult  son  of  Tom  and  Sandra      Location:  114 N Main St, Mifflintown, PA  17059
                          Wert, who are members at Free Spring.                          Hours:  Tuesday, 9:00 am – 12:00 noon, and 1:00-5:00 pm
                               Todd has been having numerous health issues; he                   Saturday, 9:00 am – 12:00 noon
                          became  sick  at  work  in  the  fall  of  2019  and  after              Visit our Website:
       multiple evaluations was diagnosed with kidney failure.  After unsuccessful
       attempts to save the kidneys, he had to go on dialysis.  He is now enrolled
       in the SAVE A LIFE program which is to speed up the process of a kidney
       transplant, and his sister is able to donate a kidney.
          In the meantime, he is struggling with very limited sight in both eyes.
       He had surgery on June 1 to try to correct one eye to give him some sight.
          Understandably he is very discouraged.  To cheer and encourage him,
       we are asking you to send him a card.  Even though you may not know
       Todd personally, it would be encouraging to him to know all the people
       who are praying for him.  Write a line of encouragement in a get-well card
       or thinking of you or just a plain note and sign your name along with our
       Free Spring church name.
          Here is an opportunity to put wings on your prayers!                                        July Deacons of the Month:
           Todd’s mail  address is  Todd Wert, 3011 Spring Road, Carlisle, PA                            Mark & Becky Zeigler
       17013. Questions?  Ask Sharon Ritzman or Allen Zendt.  Let Tom and
       Sandra know you care and are praying.
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