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Nurture Commission News                                                              Witness Commission

          Children’s  Day  events  were  held  during  first  and                               October Food Pantry Delivery by:
       second  worship  services  on  September  12.    The                                                Cindy Lucas
       younger audience was given a lesson on baptism.  They                             As we look forward to October and the beginning of Fall,
       were also treated to a variety of snacks.                                      we need to pause a moment during these days and enjoy the changing of
          Be in prayer for how God is leading you in service to the church and        the colors by our Master's hand.
       our church family.  The 2022 Time & Talent Survey will be distributed on          Thank you to all those who gave faithfully to Heartbeat through the
       Sunday, October 3.  Please consider using your talents in service to the
       Lord.                                                                          baby bottle collections.  Our total collected was over $1,001.45 and we
          Love  Feast  &  Communion  is  being  planned  for  the  first  Sunday  of   have since added another $22.00 to this amount.  That is double what was
       October.    If  you  have  never  been  to  Love  Feast,  prayerfully  consider   given last year!  Wow!  These donations help to supply items and literature
       attending this meaningful service.                                             for women and babies in Juniata and Perry Counties.  They do not use
          Our  Fall  Church  Council  meeting  will  be  conducted  on  Thursday,     federal grants to help with the program.  Thank you again.
       October  21.    Please  plan  to  attend.this  very  important  meeting  where      Our church has also provided a donation to Crossroads Pregnancy
       decisions will be made affecting our congregation.                             Center, which has opened a local just across from Sheetz.  They were
          Music  &  Worship  Committee  Meeting  is  scheduled  for  Tuesday,         raising funds to supply an ultrasound machine for that location and there
       October 12.                                                                    was  a  great  outpouring  of  donations  that  surpassed  their
          Please  keep  all  our  church  family  in  your  prayers  and  consider    expectations!  With added funds, they will be able to update equipment in
       reaching out with cards and phone calls to those that can’t attend at this
       time.  They will certainly appreciate knowing they are not forgotten.          other locations that is outdated.
          Thank you to all of you praying for our church family, delivering and          Our  Food  Pantry  item  for September  through  October  is  6  oz  size
       making meals, and visiting and providing transportation to people when         toothpaste.    Totals  collected  will  be  in  the  next  newsletter.   Thanks  to
       needed.                                                                        volunteers  who  willingly  pick  up  the  donations  and  take  them  into
          Our birthday of the month for October is Dot Benson, whose birthday         Mifflintown.
       is on the October 20.  Please remember Dot with cards and prayers for             We have also started collecting for Bethesda Mission in September
       this special day.                                                              and  will  continue  through  October.   Please  check  out  the  bulletin  on
       LOOKING FORWARD:                                                               Sundays for the list of donated items they are seeking for their shelter.
          October 3 – distribution of Time & Talent Surveys                              One of our outreach areas is Avant (the Alderfer's).  Jen Sparks just
          October 3 – Love Feast & Communion, 7:00 pm                                 returned from a work camp week and she is spreading the word about
          October 21 – Fall Church Council Meeting, 7:00 pm
                                                                                      their mission.  Thank you, Jen!  We are looking at the possibility of going
                           ~ Erin Bell, Ron Gordon, Mark Zeigler, and Art Zug         on a mission trip to Alaska next year.  Please let Jen know if you are

                                                                                                 ~ Jen Sparks, Warren Wagner, Becca Walters, and Dina Zug

                                   October Birthday of the Month

                               Our  Birthday  of  the  month  for  October  is  Dot
                          Benson, whose birthday is on October 20.  Please
                          remember her with your prayers and cards.
                                                                                                              Love Feast & Communion

                                                                                                                     at Free Spring
          Thank you for all the birthday cards, flowers, and
       presents  I  received  from  everyone.   And  a  special                                                   Sunday, October 3
       thank  you  too  for  a  wonderful  birthday  serenade
       from  Pastor  Terry  and  Wanda.   I  truly  appreciate                                                         At 7:00 pm
       everything!    ~Gloria Fowler
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