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small  town  of  Blessing  begins  to  prosper  and  the  Bjorklund  family  is             Your SMALL CHANGE
       reaping the promised harvest that had lured them from their beloved home
       in Norway.  (This is the fourth book in the series; the other books are An                     CAN change a life!
       Untamed Land, A New Day Rising, and A Land to Call Home.)                         Many  of  you  know  that  HEARTBEAT  COMMUNITY
                                                                                      SERVICES, Inc. (HCS) has been serving Perry & Juniata
                         Trial and Error by Robert Whitlow                            Counties for over 35 years with a pregnancy care center and
                                                                                      abstinence education projects.  We are happy to say that we HAVE been
          Attorney Buddy Smith knows  the  agony of  being separated  from  a         making a difference.
       child.  After all, his wife ran away with their daughter.  That's why court       With headline news stating that "over 25% of American girls have one
       clerk Gracie believes he's a good choice to track down missing 17-year-        or more sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)" we feel a sense of urgency
       old Reagan.  As he investigates her disappearance, he uncovers strange         for the furtherance of our programs.  The coveted service is unique tour
       clues.  Could they lead him to the daughter he thought he'd lost forever?      areas and we are blessed by our dedicated team of nurses and teachers
                                                                                      presenting this curriculum to our children, the only proven way to stop
       The following is a picture book by a resident at the Village of Morrison's
       Cove:                                                                          unwanted pregnancies and STDs.
                  Myrtle the Orange Turtle by Penny Burket Henry                         We currently teach the Choosing the Best abstinence curriculum in
                                                                                      West Perry, Newport, Greenwood, and Susquenita Schools on all levels
          Some years ago, a turtle kept coming to the compost pile, where it          and at TJHS and JMS on the junior high level.  The Baby, Think it Over!
       seemed to enjoy the cantaloupe that was left on the rind.  Though it was       Computerized dolls are being utilized in Perry County, as well.
       not a large amount, she gobbled up what was there.   Since this turtle            The abstinence programs we provide are completely funded by
       seemed to really like this orange fruit, more cantaloupe was left on the rind   this baby bottle project!  We appreciate that you have joined over 60
       for her to enjoy.  Eventually, her shell became a beautiful orange, colored    churches in the tri-county area to help continue this vital work.  Simply stuff
       from her devouring so much cantaloupe.  Hence, Myrtle the Orange Turtle.       the baby bottle provided with your loose change for the next six weeks and
                                                                                      hand it in on the designated date.  (If you desire to write a check, please
                                                 ~ Kathy Bowman, Librarian            make it payable to Heartbeat Community Services.)
                                                                                         For those of you who do, thank you for participating in the Baby Bottle
                                                                                      Project!  May God richly bless you for your efforts and faithfulness to His
                                                                                      Holy Word!!

                                                                                       Heartbeat Community Services Inc, PO Box 25, Millerstown, PA  17062
                                                                                            Phone:  717-589-7208
          Please remember our shut-ins with your prayers and
       cards.  Please note Bev's address and phone # change

          Ray Oberlin
          Northridge Center Personal Care                                                                         Vacation Bible School
          Room 5
          99 Northridge Drive                                                                                          6:00-7:30 pm
          McAlisterville, PA 17049            Denton Ritzman                                             July 5 and 6 at the Church Schoolhouse
          (717) 463-2249                      North Ridge Center                                            July 7 at Pastor Terry's lodge/cabin
          (717) 348-1686 (Ray's cell)         Personal Care, Room 17
                                              99 North Ridge Drive                                                   on Disciple Drive
          Bev Oberlin                         McAlisterville, PA  17049                  This year's Vacation Bible School will be July 5-7 at 6:00-7:30 pm with
          Brookline Manor                                                             the a theme written by our own VBS Committee!
          2 Manor Blvd, Room 310                                                         Monday  and  Tuesday  will  be  at  the  church  schoolhouse  and
          Mifflintown, PA  17059                                                      Wednesday’s conclusion will be at Pastor Terry’s lodge/cabin on Disciple
          (717) 436-1375                                                              Drive.  Come and enjoy the fun!
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