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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,                                        Scriptures and Messages for October
                           Every  time  I  read  Philippians  2:14-16  it  sounds  like
                      Paul  is  speaking  directly  to  us,  here  and  now.    "Do                                October 3
                      everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may        Mark 9:38-50                                    "Power in My Name"
                      become blameless and pure, children of God without fault
                      in a warped and crooked generation."                                                        October 10
          We have no trouble finding people who grumble and argue, and the            Mark 10:17-31                                     "What Must I Do?"
       warped and crooked seem to grow in number every day.  Our real concern
       should be when those who say they follow Jesus, including us, exhibit                                      October 17
       such behavior.  We are to "shine among them like stars in the sky as you       Mark 10:35-45                                 "What Is It You Want?"
       hold firmly to the word of life."  Some days I don’t feel very shiny, and I
       need to strengthen my grip on the Word of God.                                                             October 24
          Our October Breakfast & Bible Study offers you an opportunity to            Mark 10:46-52                                   "Have Mercy on Me"
       strengthen your hold on the Bible and polish your shine for Jesus.  We will
       continue  our  study  of  Max  Lucado’s  Life  Lessons  from  Philippians  on                              October 31
       Saturday, October 2 with the lesson on Shining for Christ.  He offers this     Mark 12:28-34                                   "What Comes First?"
       prayer of devotion for you and I:
          "Lord, we want to make progress in our faith not so that people will
       notice us but so that they will marvel at you.  We offer you our wills today
       – make them yours.  We offer our weaknesses and request your infinite
       strength.  Shine through us today."
          God calls us to remove the tarnish of sin to reveal the light of Christ,
       and so we come to Communion, offering to God our confession.  We are
       all sinners who have a special opportunity to share the Love Feast and                                   Breakfast & Bible Study
       Communion on Sunday, October 3.  We have no power to take away the                                           Saturday Mornings
       "tarnish" and the stain of sin – only Jesus Christ has made that forgiveness
       possible.    Communion  with  brothers  and  sisters  in  Christ  is  a                                          at 7:30 am
       recommitment to shine, to remember the great gift that Jesus gives us to                                    Starting October 2
       share, and to put aside the grumbling and arguing that is so prevalent
       today.                                                                            This fall's Free Spring B & B (Breakfast and Bible study) will begin
          May God bless you as we begin the Fall season.                              October 2.  We will continue our study in Philippians using a study by Max
                                                                                      Lucado.  If you are interested in attending but do not have a book, please
                                           In Christ’s Love,                          contact anyone on the Christian Ed committee and we will provide you
                                                                                      with one.
                                                  Pastor Terry                           We  will  start  where we  left  off  in  the  spring with chapter  6.   If  you
                                                                                      missed the spring session don’t worry, we will help you catch up!  We will
                                                                                      meet in the fellowship hall Saturday mornings at 7:30 am for breakfast and
                                                                                      the study will begin at 8:00 am starting October 2 through October 23 (and
                                                                                      October 30, if needed).
                                                                                         Breakfast is provided so the only thing you need is your Bible, your
                                                                                      book, and yourself!  There is a sign-up sheet in the narthex.  Please sign
                     October Deacons of the Month:                                    your name and check the dates you plan to attend so we can plan how
                        Warren & Connie Wagner                                        much food to prepare.
                                                                                         We look forward to seeing you then!
                                                                                         Dee Bell, Shari Book, and Mary Zeigler

                                                                                         Christian Education Committee
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