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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,                                      Free Spring Library News
                           As we celebrate our Independence Day there will be
                      many words spoken about freedom, liberty, and the land             The  following  are  fiction  books;  some  are  part  of  a
                      of the brave.  Real freedom and liberty are found only in       series.
                      life with Christ.  Much will be said about our nation’s might
                      and not enough about our Almighty God, who is the final               Brothers in Arms Series by Mary Connealy
       word on all matters in this life and the next.                                 Braced for Love – Left with little back in Missouri, Kevin
          In  July  of  1976,  the  year  of  our  nation’s  bicentennial,  Richard   Hunt  takes  his  younger  siblings  on  a  journey  to  Wyoming  when  he
       Wurmbrand, founder of the Voice of the Martyrs, wrote an article entitled      receives news that he's inheriting part of a ranch.  The catch is that the
       “Is God Almighty?” and he offered this story:                                  ranch is also being given to a half-brother he never knew existed.  Turns
          “While  beating  a  Christian,  a  Communist  officer  told  him,  ‘I  am   out, Kevin's supposedly dead father led a secret and scandalous life.  (This
       almighty, as you suppose your God to be.  I can kill you.’  The Christian      is the first book in the series.)
       boldly replied, ‘the power is all on my side.  I can love you while you torture
       me to death.’  Such is God’s might, which is reflected in the deep tranquility         The Amish Mail-Order Brides Series by Kathleen Fuller
       of the souls of saints.  They do not ask ‘Why all the sorrow?’ because they
       have learned to love the cross, accepting rejection and discomfort.  When      A Double Dose of Love – Identical brothers Zeb and Zeke Bontrager aren’t
       we take this attitude, our perplexity ceases.                                  looking for love.  They have their hands full with a new horse farm, a half-
          Suffering drives some to despair and torments their souls, while others     finished  ranch  house,  and  a  wild  colt  thanks  to  Zeke’s  hasty  business
                                                                                      dealings.  Now Zeb must contend with Zeke’s bad decisions, hidden debts,
       are grateful for it…They recognize God’s might and patiently show love         and tendency to avoid responsibility, which threaten their good standing in
       toward their torturers.  God’s love will conquer.”                             the Birch Creek Amish community.  (This is the first book in the series.)
          We have the freedom to lovingly preach the Word and to live it out.
       Many who are gifted speakers do not put their skills to use for what God                           Her Every Move by Kelly Irwin
       intended.  Too many twist the truth and work to make what is wrong in
       God’s eyes appear to be “new revelation”.  Billy Graham once said, “God           When  a  deadly  bomb  goes  off  during  a  climate  change  debate,
       has not promised to bless oratory or clever preaching.  He has promised        librarian  and  event  coordinator  Jackie  Santoro  becomes  the  prime
       to bless His.“                                                                 suspect.  Her motive, according to Detective Avery Wick: to avenge the
          May this “land of the free and home of the brave” remember that it has      suicide  of  her  prominent  father  who  was  accused  of  crimes  by  a  city
       been instituted as a “nation under God.”                                       councilman attending the event.

                                           In Christ’s Love,                                              Lethal Intent by Cara Putnam
                                                  Pastor Terry                           As an attorney for a pharmaceutical company specializing in stem-cell
                                                                                      research, Caroline Bragg learns the organization is on shaky legal and
                                                                                      ethical grounds.  Her friend Brandon has sunk his money into the  firm to
                                                                                      save his foster care home.  He needs to salvage his investment; she must
                                                                                      expose the truth.  Will their relationship weather the storm?
                      Scriptures and Messages for July
                                                                                                    Chandler Sisters Series by Deborah Raney
                                      July 4
       2 Corinthians 12:2-10                 "My Grace Is Sufficient for You"         Chasing  Dreams  –  Joanna  Chandler  always  dreamed  of  becoming  an
                                                                                      attorney.  But when she left law school to help care for her dying mother,
                                     July 11                                          stepping  away  from  her  single-minded  pursuit  gave  her  space  to
       Ephesians 1:3-14                           "The Riches of His Grace"           reconsider.  The only question is, if not law, what should she do with her
                                                                                      life?  (This is the second book in the series; the first book is Reason to
                                     July 18                                          Breathe.)
       Mark 6:30-34, 53-56                  "He Had Compassion for Them"
                                                                                                Red River to the North Series by Lauraine Snelling
                                     July 25                                          The Reaper's Song – Ever so slowly Dakota Territory is being transformed
       Ephesians 3:14-21                     "Rooted and Grounded in Love"            from a vast prairie into rich farmland.  With the coming of the railroad, the
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