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Our Services

Christian Education 9:30 AM each Sunday
Worship 10:30 AM each Sunday
Bible Study Tuesday Evening, 6:30 PM
Women's Bible Study Thursday Morning, 9:30 AM
Men's Bible Study 7:00 AM each Saturday except the first Saturday of the month.

What We Believe...

THE CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN is a Protestant denomination that developed in Europe near the end of the Reformation Era (1708 ff). Theologically, we are Pietists who have adopted the Anabaptist teachings of the Mennonites. By 1728 the Brethren had all fled Europe to escape persecution at the hands of those who denied us the right to practice Believer's Baptism. Finding refuge in William Penn's colony in the New World, the Brethren settled around Philadelphia and soon thrived. Today, we can be found across the United States, in Nigeria, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Brazil. We also have mission projects around the globe.

WE ARE A NON-CREEDAL CHURCH which simply means we do not attempt to condense our beliefs in a short, compact statement. Instead, we claim our only creed is the entire New Testament. As such, we accept the doctrine of the Trinity: one God revealed as the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus died on the Cross to forgive us of our sins and rose from the dead to show us eternal life. He is the Sovereign over all creation and will return to earth in bodily form. Those who believe in Jesus, who confess their sins and repent will receive eternal life.

IN PRACTICE THE BRETHREN OBSERVE Believer's Baptism by trine immersion. Each person must voluntarily choose to be baptized as a symbol of their acceptance of Jesus as their Savior. We also observe the Love Feast as described in the New Testament (see John 13: 1-17; Mark 14:12-25), and Anointing for Healing (see James 5:13-18). Our worship style is simple, as are most of our houses of worship. Rather than following prescribed scripts and liturgies our only focus is to honor God in all we do. Thus worship can take many different forms but typically include singing, praying, reading scriptures and a biblically based message for today.

THE CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN makes every attempt to follow the example of Jesus in how we live. This means we seek a life a humble service to mankind and obedient discipleship to God. We accept Christ's call to be peacemakers in a violent and tension-filled world, including the biblical doctrine of nonresistance and reconciliation. We seek temperance in all things good and abstinence in all things harmful, including alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. Much more could be added to this list, but we invite you to stop by and check us out for yourself.

About Our Worship Services...

Worship at East Cocalico seeks to blend traditional elements with contemporary expressions. Rather than having two separate services we choose to worship together as one spiritual family. Thus we have adapted a blended style of worship that fits our comfort zone very nicely. Laypersons contribute in various ways, including through music, children's stories, and leading worship. Music is an important part of our expressions of praise and adoration to God. If you are looking for a Church family that accepts people as they are and seeks to follow in the steps of Jesus look no further! We would invite you to stop by and see what we are all about!

About Our Education Classes...

Christian Education is vital for a healthy Spiritual life. Our Sunday morning Education Classes are designed to offer something for people of all ages. Each class has its own unique approach, but all are Bible based and Christ- Centered. As you can tell from the schedule above, we also encourage participation in specially designed Bible Study groups that meet throughout the week. These are a great option for those who must work on Sunday mornings. We are confident you will find a class that meets your needs.