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    Please use our interactive bulletin board to post your Brethren related announcement, event, job position, invitation, or open question to our membership. Please be sure to fill in each required field and then click the “Add to List” button to append your notice at the top of the list. For your convenience, a “Preview” button allows you to experiment with formatting before adding. You may need to click your browsers Reload button in order to refresh the page and show the new entry. Use our New URLs version to post new web Brethren addresses. Thank you for the privilege of serving your online interests. Administrator reserves the right to disallow any submission that is not deemed entirely appropriate for a religious organization, or constitutes solicitation for purposes of commerce, unless the proceeds directly benefit charitable or non-profit organizations. Goofed? Double entry? Need something changed? Just tell the Web Administrator which one to edit or remove.

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This is a moderated list to exclude spam, commercial interests, non-Brethren concerns, and the disrespectful. It is not a forum or chat room. Please see Discussion for numerous Brethren List Servers and public forums. Your community Bulletin Posts are usually uploaded the same day and often within minutes to a few hours.

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