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Astronomy, Book Publishers, Book Stores, Calendars, Cellular, Diet-Nutrition, Disaster Networks, Educational, Hoaxes, Internet Searching, Legal_Help, Magazines, Maps & Travel, Medical, Newspapers, News_Services, Providers, Shipping, Translation, Time UTC-GMT, Video, Weather
Astronomy & Science
88 Major Objects in our Solar System
An Overview of the Solar System
Bad Astromomy (misconceptions)
Deep Sky
Fact Sheets
Interactively view Earth from space
Facts and Symbols
Nine Planets
Orbits & Facts (Software)
The Nine Planets
Windows to the Universe
Research and Discoveries
Solar System Guide
Sky Map
Star Chart - National Geographic Society
Star Date Guide
Star Guide
Tonights Sky
Stig's Sky Calendar
Windows to the World (graphic intensive)

Book Publishers

Ashby, Avon, Baker House, Bantam-Doubleday-Dell, Beebe, Charlesbridge, Chronicle, Cowley, Dake, Front Street, Garnel, GIA Music, Grolier, Harcourt Brace, HarperCollins, Heartsong Books, Houghton-Mifflin, Howard, InterVarsity, Knopf, Koinonia, Mennonite, Mondo, NavPress, North-South Books, Penguin, Pilgrim, Puffin, Randall, Random House, Shen’s, TAN, Tyndale, William Morrow, Zondervan,

Book Stores / Titles / Searches

Advanced Book Exchange
Anabaptist Bookstore Online
Amazon Bookstore - Worlds Largest Online Bookstore
Barnes and Noble
Bartleby - Great Books Online
Beyond Books (Electronic Textbooks)
Big Tree Books
Book Garden, The
Books 2 Buy
Books Online Listed By Title
Calvary Press
Christian Book Distributors
Compare prices across major online bookstores
Heritage Books
Rainbow Family Book Center
Still Waters Revival Books


Almanac: The Farmers Almanac
Ancient Calendars
Astronomical Almanac History of Calendars
Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar
Calendar Zone
Calendars Through The Ages
Create Multi-year Calendars with Holidays
Easter Calculation
Algorithms for calculating Easter
Determination of Easter based on Golden Numbers and Dominical Letters
Easter and Christian Year
Easter, Rosh Hashanah and Passover
Ecclesiastical Date Calculations
Federal Holidays - United States Office of Personnel Management
Free Photo Calendars
Historic Events & Birth-Dates
Jewish Calendar with Festival Explanations
Julian and the Gregorian Calendars
Perpetual Calendar
Printable Calendars
Business Templates & Images
ePrintable Calendars
Keep and Share Calendars
Printable Calendar Templates
Printable Calendars
Vertex Printable Calendars
Roman Calendars
Stig's Sky Calendar
World Wide Holiday and Festivals

Cellular / Analog / Digital / PCS Telephones

Antennas and Human Health
FCC Radio Fact Sheet
How Do They Work?
Monthly Wireless Standards & Technology Bulletins
CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access
GSM - Global System for Mobile Communications
PCS - Personal Communications Service
TDMA - Time Division Multiple Access
Wireless Advisor

Diet / Nutrition / Weightloss

Atkins Recipes
Body Calculator
Calories Burned During Various Exercises
Carbohydrate Addict's Network
Carbohydrate Counter
Catabolic Diet
Diet Workshop
Family Healthworks
Fat Head (the Movie)
First Place - Christ Centered Health Program
Healthy For Life
Jenny Craig
Lean For Life
Lot's of Links
McDougall: The Starch Solution
Mediterranean Diet
Physicians Weight Loss Center
Rice Diet of Duke University
South Beach Diet
Susan Powter
Vegan Diet
Weight Management Center
Weight Watchers
Women At Work
Women's Health Treatment Centers
Zone Files

Disaster Networks

American Red Cross
CNN - Top Stories
Disaster News Network
Disaster Relief
Earthquake Information - USGS
Eye on the World - The Violent Earth
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Free Diaster Recovery Training for Volunteers
Safety Tips for natural disaster
Latest Quake Information - U.S. Geological Survey
National Earthquake Information Center
World-Wide Earthquake Locator: Global Earthquake Report


College Reference ...for dictionaries, encyclopediae, grammars, libraries, thesauri...
1 Up Info - Encyclopedia and Numerous References
Argus Clearinghouse
Ask Dr. Math
Better Homes & Gardens - Home Improvement
Britannica Online - Subscribers Only (Free 7 day trial demo)
Education & Career Center
Flags of the World
Free Dictionary
Knowledge Adventure (Quick!)
Learning Links
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Reference Desk
Oriental Subjects
Teacher Information Network
World Book - Product & Sales Only

Hoaxes & Scams?

Although many of the following sources are predisposed to debunking hoaxes, viruses, and myths, it should not dismiss the fact that computer viruses do exist and that scam artists are very serious. You will also find helpful information regarding real or potential threats and how to deal with them.
Alerts, Hoakes, & Solutions
AVP Virus Encyclopedia
Bulletins & FAQS
Microsoft: MS99-032
CIH: Flashing the BIOS
Computer Viruses: Myth vs. Reality (ZDNet)
Don't Spread that Hoax!
Faked Apollo Moon Landings?
Identifying Hoaxes
Myths & Hoaxes
Skeptics Dictionary of Frauds & Hoaxes
Stupid E-mail Tricks
Timeline of Famous Hoaxes
Urban Legends Reference Pages

Internet Search Engines

Christian Search Engines and Directories
1001 Sites - Arab Internet Directory
All Refer
Area Telephone Codes for US States and Canada
Awesome Library for Teachers, Students and Parents
711 - Christian White / Yellow / Web Page Directory
777 - Christian Resources
A 2 Z (division of Lycos)
A Review of Internet Search Engines
Alta Vista
Alumni World Search
Ask Jeeves
Best Of The Web
Big Book - Find millions of U.S. Businesses
Big Foot - Free e-mail provider with search and redirect services
Big Yellow - Find millions of U.S. Businesses
BIZWEB - Businesses are listed by the goods or services they provide
City Net - 5000 world-wide destinations
ClassMates - Search Alumni Directory (must register)
ComFind - Business directory
CompuServe Gateway
Cross Search - Find religious information on the Internet
Cross Walk - FILTERED -
Cyber411 - 15 parallel search engines
Deja News
Direct Hit
DMOZ: Open Directory Project
Domain Name Search
Faith Found
Find Articles
Four 11 - Internet White Pages to find E-mail Addresses
Fuzzy Crawler
Galaxy - Professional's Guide to a World of Information
Goshen - FILTERED -
GTE SuperPages - Find millions of businesses & Business web sites
Inference Parallel Web Search
Internet @ddress.finder
Infoseek & Classifieds
LinkStar - Business Directory
Meta Find
Monkey Sweat
Multi Crawl
Northern Lights
Omni List
On Village Yellow Pages
Point Of Origin - FILTERED -
Reference Desk
Savvy Search
Search.Com (divison of Infoseek)
Search A Lot
Search the Smithsonian Institute
Starting Point
Surf Point
TheList - Internet Service Provider Locator
United Kingdom Yellow Pages
Web Agri
Web Crawler
Web Place
Who Where
World Pages - Search for businesses, people, or government agencies
Yahooligans - Web guide for kids
Ziff-Davis Net Search
Zip Codes

Legal Help

All About Forms
American Bar Association
American Law Sources Online
Ask The Lawyers
Cafe Law - Menus of Legal Resources
Cornell Legal Matters by Subject
Farmers' Legal Action Group
Glossary of Legal Terms (Bailey)
Glossary of Legal Terms (UNC)
Glossary of Legal Terms (USCourts)
Internet Lawyer
Lawyer Shop
Law Advisor
Law Chek
Law Guru
Legal Documents Online
Legal Forms: Personal & Business
National Veterans Legal Services Program
NOLO Press Law Self-Help Law Center
Prison Legal News
Reporters Committee For Freedom of the Press
Ronin Software: Free Small Business Tax, Legal, and Practical Information
Safe Shopping Online
Student Press Law Center
Stulak Pre-Paid Legal Services


American Spectator
Aviation Illustrated
Better Homes & Gardens
Business Week
Byte Magazine
Congressional Quarterly
Family Cronicle
Golf Online
Good Housekeeping
Inner Voice
Life Magazine
National Geographic
National Geographic Traveller
Newsweek Magazine
PC Magazine
Popular Mechanics
Popular Science
Scientific American
Sports Illustrated
Star Date Onlne
Tennis Magazine
Time Magazine
Windows Magazine
Wooden Boat Magazine
WordPerfect Magazine

Maps & Travel

Atlapedia #
Bed & Breakfast - Online descriptions of 12,000 country inns
City Net - Tour your favorite city online
Earth-Moon Plotter #
Expedia #
Free Trip: Point to Point Directions
Geologiocal Maps on the Web
German Cities #
Graphic Maps
How Far Is It? - Distances and interesting stops along the way
MapQuest #
MapsOnUs #
MultiMap #
National Atlas #
National Parks
Oddens Collection
Pennsylvania Dutch Country
Radar Precipitation Map #
Route Planner - Quickest or shortest route from between two US cities
Terra Server #
Tiger Map # (public domain)
TopoZone #
U.S. Geological Survey #
Virtual Pilgrim to the Holy Land
Virtual Tourist # (world)
World Map
Yahoo #, Countries, States

Medical & Health

American Academy of Pain Medicine
American Cancer Society
Cancer Group Institute
Drug Allergies
Health Finder
Healthy Ideas - Prevention Magazine
Maryland Poison Center
Medicine Net - Free medical information
Mesothelioma Resource Online
National Institute on Drug Abuse
New England Journal of Medicine
Nursing Home Abuse Guide
Online Nurse Practitioner Programs / Anti-Vaccine Myths
Primary Care Related Internet Resources
Science and Medical News
Web MD


Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Boston Globe
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune
Christian Science Monitor
Detroit News
Houston Chronicle
Kansas City Star
Los Angeles Times
Miami Herald
Newspapers from around the World
New York Times
Philadelphia Tribune
San Francisco Examiner
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
Washington Times

News Services

American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News
Arab Information Network
Associated Press (AP)
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World Service
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) News
Cable News Network (CNN) News
Daily News (Harris)
ESPN Sports Zone
Federal News Service
Fox News Service
National Broadcasting Company (NBC) News
News Channel
Newsline - Church of the Brethren
Positive Press
Religion News Service
Religion Today
Reuters News Service
Standard & Poor's Investment News
Time Warner
United Press International (UPI)
Voice of America
World Net Daily
Yahoo - News & Media Directory

Shipping & Cargo

APX Global
Canadian Postal Codes
DHL Worldwide Express
Federal Express
United Parcel Service
United States Parcel Service
Zip Code Lookup

Translation Services

Ace Tools
Alta Vista
Free Translation
Google Lanuage Tools
Systran Technologies
Web Page Translator

Translation Services

Time Around the World
Time.Gov - Java: Eastern, Central Mountain Pacific - Text: Eastern Central Mountain Pacific
Universal Time: Coordinated (UTC) replaced Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as the world time standard in 1986, because it is based on “predictable” atomic measurements (vibration of the Cesium atom) rather than the “irregular” variation of the earth's rotation. UTC is kept within 0.9 seconds of GMT or UT-1 by virtue of Leap Seconds.
A Few Facts Concerning GMT, UT, and the RGO
A Walk Through Time - History of timekeeping methods
Bureau International des Poids et Mesures
FAQS - Time and Frequency Issues
Global Positioning System Time Series
Greenwich Mean-Zulu Time
It's About Time - Chronology & Calculation
NIST: Time and Frequency Division
North American Time - Shown for each zone (nice & quick!)
Time in Countries Around the World
U.S. Naval Observatory (UTC & GMT)
World Local Time (links without graphics)
World Time Server
World Time - Day/Night Display
World Time Zones - Large Map

Video Cameras - Live

Africa Game Reserve
California - San Francisco
Germany - Nurenburg
Greece - Thassos
Hawaii - Maui Beach
Los Angeles - Hollywood Sign
Japan - Toyoko
Jerusalem - The Wailing Wall
London - Trafalgar Square
New York City - Empire State Building
New York City - Times Square
Paris - Eiffel Tower
Rio de Janiero

Weather Reportinge

( see also Astronomy)
Hurricane Information
Active Tropical Cyclones
Atlantic Track Images
Caribbean Hurricane Information
Central Atlantic Storm Investigators
National Hurricane Center - Tropical Prediction Center
Typhoon Warning Center
University of Wisconsin
National Weather Service - Regional Warning Bulletins
Radar Precipitation Map
Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York
St. Paul
Satelite Cloud-cover Map
Tropical Storm Center - World-wide tracking, current storms, images, storm archives
Weather & Climate - Current forecasts and regional maps
Weather.Com - The Weather Channel
World Weather Guide - United States, reports, alerts, bulletins, radar images by state

Descriptions of each Section

Brethren | Educational | Personal | Music | Kids/Parents | Associations | Computer | Government | Information |


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“Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.”
Psalms 139:6

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